Macedonian Call: Acts Poem 16

The jailer woke up to see the prison doors wide open. He assumed the prisoners had escaped, so he drew his sword to kill himself. But Paul shouted to him, ‘Stop! Don’t kill yourself! We are all here!’ The jailer called for lights and ran to the dungeon and fell down trembling before Paul and Silas. Then he brought them out and asked, ‘Sirs, what must I do to be saved?’ – Slide 8
Philippian Jailer – Free Bible Images

In Troas a dream of significance

Groundwork for Europe’s salvation laid

A Macedonian in a dream

Beckoned Paul to come and his people aid

So the Word of the Lord

Into Greek lands was carried

But it was not long before the saint

Was by opposition harried

Into gaol he was cast, but even there he prayed

And a earthquake great his bonds broke

And convert of a Philippian jailer made


Acts Poem 16 from Acts 16 for February

By Superstition Guided: Acts Poem 14

The Sacrifice at Lystra by Raphael, Public Domain

A superstitious and fickle crowd

A healing miracle observed

And they believed that by gods they had been visited

So sacrifices they then proffered

And when Saul corrected the misconception plain

They still could not comprehend

And jealous rivals opinion did sway

And so they against Saul did turn

And stoned him there and then

Left for dead he did survive

And God’s people to him did attend


Poem 14 from Acts 14 – Acts Poems for February

A Tale of Four Doors: Acts Poem 12

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, Liberation of St. Peter – Public Domain

Peter into prison thrown

And the saints for him did pray

For his salvation from the sword

That God would make a way

An angel of the Lord came to him

To lead him from captors free

And through the first and second doors

Then to the Iron Gate – Three

Into the city Peter did flee

To Mary’s house he made his way

And knocked upon that door – four

Behind which the church did pray

Rhoda to his beckoning she did attend

And his presence she made known

But despite their prayers the saints could not see

That he from custody had flown

Are we that way too?

Praying without expectation,

That God will answer our requests

As a rule and not the exception


Poem 12 based on Acts 12 for February Acts Poems

Holy Spirit’s Gleaning: Acts Poem 10

Soldier, Roman, Centurion, Warrior, Ancient

Cornelius was a man of authority

A true leader of men

A centurion from Italy

An officer and a gentile-man

He had a spirit generous

And on serving God he was intent

An angel appeared and instructed him

A message to Simon Peter was to be sent

Though reluctant to heed the call

Peter too a vision received

Of unclean things he was to dine

An image that left him grieved

The Lord assured him all was made clean

And Peter took its meaning

And so to the Roman he set off

To witness the Holy Spirit’s harvest gleaning


Poem 10 based on Acts 10 for February Acts Poems.

On A Road Converted: Acts Poem 9

The Conversion of Saint Paul, by Caravaggio – Public Domain


A man angered by the absurdity of it all

The dead don’t rise – after all

So the man whose name was Saul

Was well prepared to answer the Council’s call

To Damascus he would go

And the authority of Jerusalem he would show

To nip in the bud this false claim

And if need be – inflict some pain

But on the road a light from above

Knocked him over like a boxing glove

A voice from a speaker which rang true

Changed forever Saul’s point of view

So now blinded – Saul to Damascus was led

A witness now too – of Jesus risen from the dead


February Acts Poems number 9 based on Acts 9.

Simon the Televangelist: Acts Poems – Extra 1

Image result for solid gold taps
Solid Gold Taps – Amazon Image

“Men and brethren what shall we do?”

“I think that a tax deductible donation is the thing for you!

Place your hand on the television screen

And by MY holiness I will make you clean.

Oh there will be plenty of mentions of Jesus’ name

It really helps to legitimise my claim

And while your faith is sinerely true

I can really use a buck or two

Television time don’t come cheap

Not to mention leather upholstery for my customised jeep

Gold taps are for me a must

For a prosperity gospel must start with US

Who says holiness isn’t to buy or sell?

I will live for today

Like there is no Hell.”


This is an extra Acts poem for February created as a modern imagining of Simon the Sorcerer from Acts 8: 9-24.

Candace’s Man: Acts Poem 8

The Baptism of the Eunuch by Rembrandt van Rijn – Public Domain

Candace’s servant wisdom did seek

He searched the scriptures but his knowledge was weak

He needed a guide to show him the way

So the Spirit sent Philip to teach him that day

The truths he sought – were made plain

And soon to a certain water they came

And going down in it

A new child of God was born

And he carried the gospel

To Africa’s horn

Poem 8 for February’s Acts Poems based on Acts 8

Widows and Orphans In Need: Acts Poem 6

Fra Angelico – Peter and the Seven Deacons – Public Domain

When widows and orphans were in need

To provide assistance was agreed

Seven pure souls would answer the call

To provide service to one and all

Stephen, Philip, Timon – to name a few

And Nicolas the convert, he was one too

Seven deacons the church to serve

Freeing the Apostles to preach the Word


Poem 6 from Acts Six for February 6

By Greed And Lies Forlorn: Acts Poem 5

The Death of Ananias by Raphael – Public Domain

Blessings shared as was the church’s way

But one couple by greed and vanity was swayed

They made claims of great service done

But their deception became clear and they were undone

Ananias and Sapphira were their names

And in their lies the Spirit they defamed

Holding back was not their sin

For it was in their control what was given

But for deceit they did pay

For they claimed greater sacrifice than they actually made

To lie to men is easily done,

But to do so to God is a gamble that can’t be won

And thus discovered they breathed their last

A lesson in lying’s folly – that’s still unsurpassed


February’s Poem 5 from Acts 5

Threats and Encouragement: Acts Poem 4

San Barnaba.jpg
Barnabas by Anonimo Lombardo – Public Domain

John and Peter – ordered not to speak

“There will be trouble – if that’s what you seek”

Of such troubles – their community did not despair

For they worked together – for each other’s care

Belongings shared – so all had some

Barnabas an example – “Encouragement’s Son”

And so the fledgling church –

Though in official displeasure’s receipt

They like Barnabas – joyfully laid blessings –

At the Apostle’s feet


Acts 4 – Poem four for February 4th.