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“I think we lost them,” Alex the meerkat said.

“Are you sure?” Jumba asked.

“Yes, I think we jumped behind this tree in the knick of time.”

“Thank goodness for that,” Jumba said.  “Those safari tourists really get on the nerves.  The thought of having my photo taken makes my tusks itch.”

“Well, no worries about that.  Even humans cant see through trees.”



Kwe Kwe Dreams

Landscape - Picture of Golden Acres, Kwekwe - Tripadvisor

Garden In KweKwe Tripadvisor

In Que Que of old

In gardens bright green

Violet and periwinkle butterflies do play

A dozen but one simian spectators observe

As the bright féileacáns flutter away




Prompted by the colours purple and  bright green, the number eleven, the place Kwe Kwe, and the animal monkey.