Another Auction Annual: Alliteration Experiment


Another auction annual –

Bargains, bringing buyers back –

Carrying cold cash,

Dream deals desiring.

Each expert examined everything

For fabulous finds.

Gazing glorious goods

Hands hasty hiked

In indicating interested intent.

Joining jealous jostling –

Keeping calm key.

Last lot –

Masterful move made

Nonchalantly nodding

Others outbid!

Perfect purchase, proficiently planned.

Quest – quickly, quietly

Realised, resolved, reached!

Slight smile signifying satisfaction.

Today’s triumph total!

Undeterred, unrelenting,

We will watch, we will wait.

NeXt – Year – uZ!


Apologies at the closing fudge.  This was a form experiment.















Alliterisen: A Poetic Experiment

Coffee, Pen, Notebook, Book, Black, Pink

Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay 

The Saturday Mix challenge this week was to write an Alliterisen poem.  Shadow Poetry explains the form as “(Complex and Rhyming), a form created by Udit Bhatia, is a simple seven-lined poem with a specific syllable pattern and two alliterations per line. For example: Glorious Graves, and wonderful waves. Alliteration is the succession of similar consonant sounds. They are not recognized by spelling, but rather by sounds.”   In it’s simple form it can have a structure of –

1st line- 8 syllables
2nd line- 10 syllables
3rd line- 7 syllables
4th line- 9 syllables
5th line- 6 syllables
6th line- 8 syllables
7th line- 8 syllables

I played with the double alliteration form but found it too complex to have any meaning to me personally.  I, therefore, have constructed a pseudo-Alliterisen  which uses a single alliteration per line, and which captures my view of the form.

A Poetic Experiment

It’s poetic pomposity,
alliterisen alliteration,
some serious students say.
Really rather ridiculous,
this rhythmic rhyme writing.
Actual articulation
doesn’t really function that way.