Darkest (ABP 15)

Jesus, Altar, Light, Faith, Holy, Christ


Things seemed hopeless

Things seemed bleak

Years of effort now crowned by defeat

Why had he left his childhood home

To as an itinerant the land to roam?

Just as all seemed filled with success

Betrayal and death left all plans a mess

But now a claim of a thing beyond belief

Made by comrades – while he suffered grief

How can their statements possibly be true?

For he saw the corpse and the burial too?

And as he said he will never believe

Jesus appeared – all his doubts to relieve


John 20

August Bible Poems #15

Crumbs (ABP 14)

Food, Bread, Crumbs, Crispy, Stick
Image by Marionthb from Pixabay 

In desperation –

In greatest need-

Begging for mercy –

For help – she did plead

Rebuffed for her efforts

She did not relent –

With just crumbs from the table 

She would be content

Such faith she did show

As one from outside

Jesus’ used her example 

To show His mercy’s cast wide

Just crumbs from the table

Is all it does take

For us also today

A life change to make



Mark 7:24-30

August Bible Poems 14

Crumbs: Discussion of the text


I’ll Be Back (ABP 13)*

Public Domain


Arnold said it on the silver screen

And Douglas M – too in the Philippines

Whether robot or general – the fact remains

That their returns were anticlimactic in the extreme

But there was another – a long time ago

That made that same promise

Before to heaven He did go

And when He returns in the eastern air

No other event will ever compare




August Bible Poem 13

*Matthew 24

Tomb (ABP 12)

“Where were you? 

Why did you delay?

If you had only been here –

He would have been saved.”*


“I have come in the fullness of time.

Lazarus shall not remain in the grave

His tomb only prefigures mine

And by it – more than Lazarus I will save.”


From Adam to Abraham, Abraham to David,

From David to Zerubbabel and beyond,**

We too like Lazarus – were dead in our sin

But by Jesus’s grave we have won.



August Bible Poem 12

John 11*

Matthew 1, Luke 3**





Garment Rent (ABP 11)

Pants, Jeans, Blue, Blue Jeans, Clothing, Macro, Human

Saul in a cave – his robe’s corner cut*

An emblem of his own sin

His life spared and and oath given

His pursuit of David did end


Job head shaven and garment torn**

A sign of sorrow and woe

With all life’s riches taken from him

Only to God – could he go


The High Priest his own coat did rend***

In fury and conceit

“Blasphemy” he did contend

His spiritual blindness being complete


Jesus upon the cross – soldiers gambling below****

Yet, His garment was not rent

A symbol – we like the garment – might be made whole

For Jesus himself – to be broken – was sent


1 Samuel 24*

Job 1**

Matthew 26***

John 19****


August Bible Poem 11





Leader of the People (ABP #10)

Nicodemus replied, ‘How can these things be?’ Jesus answered, ‘Are you the teacher of Israel and yet you don’t understand these things? – Slide 8


Though a leader of the people – yet blind was he

By customs and traditions benighted

And so it was at night he came

Was mere convenience or to avoid “shame?”
“You are a teacher – sent by God good –

For you do such things – no mere man could. . . .”


“Wait just a moment,” Jesus did say –

“To be born again, is the only way.”


“‘Born again?’ How can that be?

Return to the womb – when you’re as old as me?”


“How is it that you a leader of men,

Cannot my words – comprehend? 

Be born not by flesh – but in Spirit true

This is the thing that men must do.”


And so Nicodemus went away –

His life forever – was changed that day.


John 3: 1-21




August Bible Poem 10






Crowned (ABP 9)

Easter, Crown Of Thorns, Crucifixion, Christ


And Arrested 
A captive tightly bound
Led before a court kangaroo

New judge to face
Unwelcome case propound
Sent away – another verdict
To seek

King’s judgement seat
“Perform some magic feat”
No “magic” tricks exhibited 

Caesar’s law face
Free him or another?
Fickle masses – criminal free
Fate seal

Thorn-crowned visage
Cross through city to bear
Raised upon post of shame and death

August Bible Poems 9 – I thought a crown cinquain would be a symbolically suitable form for this poem.



Tower (ABP 8)

Arches, Leaning Tower Of Pisa, Architecture, Building



In his
With brick and slime
Sought to upwards climb
At Shinar to Heaven
Disobeying the command —
“Multiply and fill all the land”
In a single place to prideful stay
Until tongues were confused – meanings made grey


Genesis 11: 1-9



August Bible Poem 8

Box To Build (ABP 7)

Water, Raindrops, Raining, Wet, Liquid, Splashing



Beams to cut

Pitch to boil

A box to build

A God-sent toil


Upon ground

As dry as sand

A vessel to construct

On water-less land


Nevertheless – my sons and me

Will follow the divine instruction

Build the ark and the animals feed

Before all by rain – faces destruction




Genesis 6


August Bible Poem 7





Garden (ABP 6)

Pathway, Path, Pink Tulips, Tulips


A space enclosed – attended

Tamed – yet in its essence wild

Impression of a wilderness

But loving cared for like a child*

These realms of green haven

Illusions designed by our own intent

Of something long lost primeval

A perfection from which we were sent**




*Genesis 2:15

**Genesis 3:23-24


August Bible Poem 6