Puddle, Rain, Raindrop, Drops, Waterdrop

Gone now the early bright display

All that’s left is damp and grey

Leaves a sodden carpet brown

On which to slip and perhaps fall down

A chill now fills my aching bones

As we rush to start to heat our homes

Autumn which I welcomed but a few weeks ago

I’ve now grown tired of – does it show?



Today’s prompt: Write a poem about fall

Autumn Has Come

Mushroom, Leaves, Forest, Fall, Nature

Autumn now has fully come

Rainy skies instead of sun

Mushrooms arising – their presence plain

As the green from leaves does drain

Mornings kissed with fog and chill

With afternoons remaining pleasant still


As Autumn Comes

Cup of coffee - Zara Home

As autumn comes, and summer wanes

And iced frappuccino disappears from our coffee chains

We wait expectantly for the news to arrive

That the great pumpkin spice is alive

Linus in a patch might wait all night

But it’s Starbucks (or its rivals) where you’ll find the delight

Chilled passionfruit and mango put to bed for the year

And pay for hot latte at the cashier


November Morning

Cobbled, Leaves, Slippery, Autumn, Wet, Wet Leaves

Early November just after dawn

Too early for frost upon the lawn

Drizzle, and damp, and fallen leaves

Over looked by shedding trees

A mournful atmosphere to which to wake

With pandemics and elections

Our confidence to shake

But as dismal and dreary as it may seem

Let’s hope by Springtide it will pass

Like a fading bad dream


Autumn Blue

Autumn, Sky, Blue Sky, Landscape

Blue skies and sunshine on an October day

Autumn clouds, if but briefly held at bay

While Indian summer it might not be

It is lovely to be from dull rain to be free

Such moments peaceful – rare

Are even sweeter – when with another you with them share

Blue skies and sunshine in the soul and heart are found there


In Velvet Adorned

Fog, Trees, Meadow, Birds, Flying Birds, Fields

Clothed in mist, in velvet fog adorned

Oh, how the meadow is dressed on this Autumn morn

Flocks head away, to their winter nests

Mice below prepare for cold-weather rests

Oh, so much is happening on this chill morning

When nature – the meadow is with velvet fog adorning