Blue Morpho, Butterfly, Rainforest


Oh Féileacán –

Dancer in the sky

Bright celebration of colour

A festival of joy – as you flutter by.

Boldly spinning pirouettes among the buddleia

And yet you are so shy

Taking flight at just the slightest breeze

Or when anyone approaches nigh.

Stay with me but for a moment more

Please don’t say goodbye

Let me your company keep

My life to beautify.









Peacock Butterfly, Edelfalter, Butterfly, Peacock


Bright bringer of happiness

Embodiment of delight

Delicate expression of beauty

Wherever you take flight


What has brought you to my garden –

From your origins afar?

A reward for some noble deed, that I have done –

Or an unearned gift – you choose the bring – upon my lucky star?


Bright skoenlapper – please do not leave

For you out grace the very flowers

I hope to gaze upon your loveliness

For all my remaining hours







Beyond the Hype

Girl, Model, Woman, Hair, Beauty, Portrait, Women

Image by Oliana Gruzdeva from Pixabay 

Aunt Elsa tossed the copy of Vogue onto the coffee table shaking her head dismissively.

“It just isn’t right,” she observed.

“Excuse me, what’s not right?” I asked.

“These highfalutin magazines, with the sickly skinny models tell’n us how we should look.  That one on the cover there, eyelashes up to her eyebrows and a mascara line almost to her ears.  It ain’t natural, and God help ’em if they get caught in a rainstorm, or did any real work and got sweaty, their man wou’n’t even recognise them,” Elsa ranted.

“That’s a little harsh, don’t you think?” I challenged.

“You think?” she continued. “Take them there Kardashians, and the like.  It’s all false like those magazine eyelashes.  And they think they have all the answers on how to be a woman.  It ain’t the make-up or the “love” advice.  You are born to it or you ain’t.  Take me, ain’t I a woman?  And nobody ever had to tell me how to do it.”

With that she stood and and adjusted the shoulder strap on her overalls and slid on her rubber boots.  “Better be gett’n back to the afternoon milking,” she said.  “But thank you for the coffee.”



FOWC with Fandango — Highfalutin

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: How To Be A Woman

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Ain’t I a Woman?

A Road Worthy

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©Padre’s Ramblings


A Road Worthy

On highways and byways

Along roadways, and streets,

We make our daily journeys

‘Til life’s journey we complete.


Some are roads of light and beauty,

Others with darkness and decay,

Some lead us up to higher ground,

And some the other way.


Do we ponder the paths we travel?

Which are worthy of our attendance?

Do stride the paths of merit?

Do we bless them with our presence?


Let us value our own journey,

And pick paths glorious and bright,

And make all our roads worthy,

And enjoy our pathways right.




MARIA ANTONIA 2019 Photo Challenge:  Road Worthy