The Wager


Pinata Blindfold

image: fiestapinata

“I have eyes, but do not see.  To make me alive, you bury me. What am I?”

“Wait a minute.  I know this one,” Sarah said thoughtfully.

“So what’s the answer?” Bridget pushed.

“It’s – it’s a potato,” Sarah said triumphantly.

“Damn,” her friend replied.  “So is it another white wine, or something else?”

“Well, since you’re buying I think a strawberry daiquiri sounds good.” Sarah said.

“You just wait, I will get you back.” Bridget warned.

“Yeah, yeah,” Sarah said dismissively.

When Bridget returned from the bar, she said, “Okay, so much for riddles.  How about a dare instead?”

“Okay, what’s the challenge?” Sarah asked.

“Well since you are such an expert on eyes, how about you walk to the bar with your eyes closed?  Better still – blindfolded and bring back a glass of red without spilling it.”

“But the place is packed, I’ll run into someone.”

“Coward,” Bridget said mockingly.

“Okay, what’s the wager?”  Sarah retorted.

“If you spill the drink, you don’t get your money back.  If you don’t spill it, I give you your money, and buy another drink of your choice.”

“Sounds fair,” Sarah said.

Bridget took off her scarf and tied it around Sarah’s eyes. “No peaking,” she said firmly.

Sarah hesitantly started towards the bar, jostling a nearby table, and bumping into at least three patrons on her trip.  She ordered the wine, and presented a five pound note to the barman.  She had to trust her sense of feeling to judge if the change was correct. She dropped the coins into a pocket and began her return journey.

About half way across, she bumped into a man and spilled the drink all over herself.

As Bridget laughed uproariously from the table, Sarah took off the blindfold, and began to apologise.

There before her was the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen.

“No, it’s me who’s sorry,” he said.  “I think your top is ruined. Please let me pay for it.”

“But – I,” she began.

“My name is Justin, by the way,” he said with a smile.  “Shall I replace your drink as well?”

“Sarah,” she said with a smile, “and yes please.”

Justin walked her to the bar, and replaced her drink.  He then wrote down his phone number on a napkin.  “Ring me when you want to go shopping for the new top,” he said with a wink.

“Justin, can you carry the drink to my table for me?” she asked.


When they arrived at the table, Justin placed the drink in front of Bridget.

“Bridget, this is Justin.  Justin – Bridget,” Sarah said from behind him.

As Justin reached out to shake Bridget’s hand, Sarah held up the phone number and mouthed “I win again.”


Pix to Words #192 – Eyes