Woman, Girl, Freedom, Happy, Sun, Silhouette, Sunrise


Speechless, in awe, too much to take in

Overwhelmed by the glory radiating from Him

So many sights and blessings witnessed each day

In nature, or human kindness

We encounter along our way

Sometimes it’s a sunrise, bright beams of gold

Sometimes it’s a whispered “I love you”

When that’s what you need to be told

Ineffable, in awe, too much to take in

The blessings daily flowing from Him



Weekend Writing Prompt #130 – Ineffable Ineffable in 70 words





Daily Blessings and the Family Eternal

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I am blessed.  That is merely a statement of fact.

Brother James brought a timely message today which clearly came from the heart.  Without going into a full recap, he made a powerful statement about our relationship with miracles.  Drawing on the I Kings 18, he noted that there are those moments in between the miracles when we can lose sight of the power of God.

I loved the point he made in reminding us to look between the gaps.   I have been doing that a lot lately, thus my opening paragraph.  I am blessed.  The big “miracles” may not be ever present, but God’s blessings and mercies are ever present.

God blessed me with a wife, who was not only my soul mate, but my best friend.   God has taken her home, but that too is a blessing in that I know she will no longer feel the pain and fatigue of her long term illness.  Yes, I have suffered a bereavement, but God and His people in my life (my family eternal). They have put me into a position of blessing even the more.   I am sad (that’s natural with grief) – but I am not depressed.  I am often lonely – but I am not alone.  I am encouraged in my faith.  I am encouraged by that faith.  I have wonderful friends who check in on me, and comfort me, and pray for me.  I have a church family who prays with me, for me, and over me.

Today’s service was a special experience.  It was one of those times when I was prayed over, it was especially comforting as we also announced the date for Dianne’s memorial service today.  But by far the most powerful act of love and support today came from my little sister in Christ, Jell.   She used one of my favourite images of Dianne from my Facebook and copied it to accompany words of comfort and support.  She is truly a precious and pure heart, and the little note will be prized by me and find pride of place among the condolence cards I have received.   I have put a link to the picture below, I am not tech savvy enough to know if it will open for others, but if it does, you will see the love in it.

My blessings are daily, as is the love from my family eternal.




Jell’s Drawing of Love