The Dune Wars Lesser Tales

After a long delay, one of the Dune Wars Lesser Tales will soon be coming out as an ebook on Amazon. While parts of this work have previously found their way to this platform, the complete story will tie together loose ends and hopefully make for some enjoyable reading.

Though thought to have been extinct for hundreds of years, reports of a dragon have been circulating in a remote and secretive kingdom. Heroes from the great kingdoms of the age have tried and failed to battle the beast. Now an unlikely champion has emerged. He is the Dragon Hunter.


Release of Zoe Means Life

Zoe Means Life

The Locket #3

The sequel to Visitor in the Night, Zoe Means Life is now available for pre-order on  Amazon.   It will be released June 9th.

Norfolk shop assistant, Zoe Mayhill will never be the same.  Her encounter with Patrick Malone in the Norfolk Broads has been transformational.  As she comes to grips with her new life, it seems that only London can meet her dark needs.