Arc, Arrows, Quiver

Hugh Fletcher examined the pile of goose feathers on the bench and shook his head.  Lefts, he mused.  He always gives me bleeding lefts.  Hugh knew that there was only one left-handed archer in the village and yet the reeve continually provided him with left wing feathers, and far too many of them cocks and not nearly enough hens.  He knew it was his own fault of course.  He should never have courted and married Lizzie Browne, when he knew that Robert Reeve had fancied her.  Now he would look incompetent yet again as his bowmen lost the tournament.


Flash Fiction Challenge: Feathers

In the Pie of the Beholder

Sweet Potato Pie, Sweet, Crust

“Mom, this pumpkin pie tastes funny,” Dean said making a face.

“That’s because it isn’t pumpkin.  It’s sweet potato pie.”

“Potato?” Dean queried.

“Sweet potato.  It is really nice, and you should thank your Aunt Lottie for making it for us.”

“Um, thank you Aunt Lottie,” he said with a forced smile before taking another bite.

“That’s okay Sweetie. Southern food might take some getting used to for you New Jersey boys.”

Well I hope I will never have to eat enough of it to get use to it, Dean thought.  “Well, I look forward to trying it again.”

March 4: Flash Fiction Challenge – Sweet Potato

Thought I might as well give the link to my Sweet Potato Pie recipe while I was at it.

Defending the Frontier

grayscale photo of soldiers holding rifles
Craig Sybert at Unslash

Captain Ezekiel Talbert mustered his men outside the bastion of Fort Frederick.  A war party of French aligned Shawnees had been spied near the Potomac and he and his detachment of the Maryland Forces were going to intercept them before they could get up to any mischief. 

His trusty band of volunteers were going to more than enough to deal with the Shawnee threat, after all they were well equipped with the latest Brown Bess muskets from Japan, and most understood the rudiments of Bland’s Manual.  Now all he needed was for his sergeant to finish his phone call.


January 14: Flash Fiction Challenge – In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about dressing up. It can be a child or another character. Be playful or go where the prompt leads!

With regards to all reenactors everywhere.


woman in black dress sitting on white metal bench

Image by Pedro Miranda at Unsplash

Miranda’s profile on the escort site was constructed in every detail to get the attention of Big Hank McCloud the head of the local syndicate.  Weeks of research, and a knowledge of his “tastes” assured that the call would come. 

Miranda arrived at the hotel attired in a revealing black dress and some stilettos that were to die for.  When she was frisked by the bodyguard, she let out a little moan just to play up the persona.

Once alone in the room with the boss, the assassin struck. Did I mention that the stilettos were to die for?


The name of the photographer and the character are coincidental as the piece was written before the picture was found.

Flash Fiction Challenge: stilettos

The Little House

A modified (female only) field latrine set up at Camp New Jersey, Kuwait,  during Operation ENDURING FREEDOM - U.S. National Archives Public Domain  Image
Public Domain

Some called it “the little house on the prairie,” and others the latrine or head.  But that little corrugated steel shack was the prime real estate in camp.  Yes, the “head-shed” or battalion headquarters might’ve been more prestigious, and the CP tent that served as the chapel might have been more revered.  Many would tell you that the chow hall was the most important structure in camp, or the dugouts and bunkers if there was a mortar attack going down.  But, truth be told, when several days of backed up C-rations called, no place else was going to compare.


Flash Fiction Challenge: Toilet

Nando and the Avocado

Avocado, Salad, Fresh, Food, Vegetarian, Diet, Lunch

Ferdinando was put simply a party animal.  He was renowned for his decadence.  For Nando late nights followed by champagne breakfasts, and sirloin lunches were the norm.  But when his lifestyle started to catch up with him in his late forties, he decided to bite the bullet and see the doctor.

The medical advice was clear, he would have to get more sleep and eat a more nutritious and balanced diet.

Well after consulting his dietary plan he decided that “avocado toast” sounded a good breakfast option.  How bad could a slice of avocado be in a martini anyway?



Flash Fiction Challenge: Avocado Toast

Nellis’ Vengeance

Forest, Mist, Nature, Trees, Mystic, Atmosperic, Fog

Did you know that in these very woods is the remains of a cemetery from the French and Indian War?  There was a fort here, and a strange disease swept through the garrison, killing over a third of them.  Only Captain Nellis was given a headstone, all the others had simple wooden markers.  The exact location has been lost to memory, but occasionally some hunter or hiker will come upon the stone.  But it’s never there when they return.  But not only does move, but whoever discovers it seems to get a fever and an odd rash shortly afterwards.


Flash Fiction Challenge

Based loosely on a tale from Maryland.

“We Interrupt This Programme.”

Pearl Harbor, Ship, Warship, Destroyed

Six-year-old, Alice was dancing with her doll to the music on the radio.  Suddenly, the music stopped and a man’s voice said, “We interrupt this programme with an important bulletin.  The United States’ fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii has been attacked by air and naval forces of the Empire of Japan.  I repeat, the American fleet has been attacked in Hawaii.”

Alice ran to tell her mother. 

“Mother, the Umpire of Japan attacked Hawee.”

Her mother instantly went pale, and stared out into their Nebraska pasture. 

“Mother, where is Hawee?” the little girl asked.

“Too close, Darling.  Too close.”




Flash Fiction Challenge: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes something heard on the radio. It can be from any station or era. What is heard? A song, announcement, ad? Think of how radio connects people and places. Go where the prompt leads!

Beyond Bluster

Rock N Heim, Camping, Festival, Germany, Destroyed

“How did this happen?  You saw the alert, and should have known better,” the superintendent scolded.

“I did my best, and as far as your message, I never got a chance to read it,” the manager retorted.

“And why, might I ask, didn’t you read it?” the superintendent snapped.

“The wind!  You sent a message warning all camp managers to evacuate the campers to the solid structures – based on the weather report back in Capital City.  You didn’t take into consideration that those of us on the ground, out here in the west, got the storm five hours earlier.”

(99 words)

FOWC with Fandango — Excuse

September 3: Flash Fiction Challenge: High Winds

The Queens

Vincent Willem van Gogh 127.jpg
Public Domain
Vincent Willem van Gogh

Vincent sat at his easel and squinted at the majesty of the queens in his vase.  The Paris series had been a success.  Now a year later, Arles beckoned.  The pot – simple, two-toned, was a perfect tool, as was the plain wall of the studio. 

“How many sunflowers?” he questioned to himself.  “Ten. A dozen more or less.”  He grinned to himself.  “The public needn’t know how many are actually in the vase, only the number in my mind.”

With that Vincent picked up his palette and began to mix his yellows, as the lemon queens awaited their day.   


Flash Fiction Challenge: Lemon Queens