Crowning Glory


Unicorn, Forest, Fairy Tales, Mystical


Dora was the plainest maiden in all the kingdom.  Some even said that she was ugly.  It was precisely that fact that led to her retaining her virtue far beyond the time in which it was relinquished by her peers.

This purity, however, was also her crowning glory, for she could see and converse with unicorns.

“Oh, I wish I was as beautiful as you,” she said to Daisy, one day.

“And I wish I had your lovely voice,” the unicorn replied.

They were suddenly transformed, but Dora could tell no one – for she had become a little horse.




Flash Fiction Challenge


Common Land

Sheep, Cattle, Graze, Field

Image by Marjon Besteman-Horn from Pixabay 


This wasn’t some Seuss Lorax or a Horton saving a clover.  No, this was the real deal, the council was trying to sell off the water meadow for development.  Had they considered the added run-off and flood risk? Of course not, they were trying to make a quick buck to balance the books.

Many were up in arms over it, as it was one of the few unspoiled places in the entire town, but it looked a done deal, especially when the words “affordable housing” were uttered.

That was until Mary Denning found the Medieval deed to the property.




Flash Fiction Challenge

The Arrangement

Human, Trafficking, Jail, Imprisoned, Freedom, Captured



Monreal plopped down on the straw-filled mattress raising a cloud of dust that made his eyes water.  Fighting back a sneeze, he fished the stub of a pencil and some scraps of paper from inside an old boot which served as his pillow.  Monreal Dorb, one time lawyer and now convict, began to scribble blank verse onto a scrap.  The arrangement was simple, Monreal would write a poem and the guard would claim the verse as his own, and the accompanying profits.  In exchange Dorb received more paper.  Little did the guard know that these verses contained coded messages.




Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge: Monreal Dorb



The Recital

Person Playing Cello

Image: Pexels

It had been four years since Dave and Reena had visited Reena’s sister, Tracy.  With things being slow in the shop, they thought that the invitation to their niece Carrie’s recital would be the perfect opportunity to catch up.

They arranged to meet at the concert venue, and Carrie was already backstage when they arrived.

Carrie made a spectacular solo performance.

As she stepped from behind her cello to take a bow, Reena said, “She has really blossomed.”

Dave whose gaze was firmly locked on the sixteen year old said, “She certainly has,” gaining him a well deserved slap.




Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction: Blossom


Novice Sensations

Beads, Vera, Christianity, Catholicism, Orthodoxy


Patrick filed into the choir and waited for the signal to sit.  As the abbot made his way into the chapel, Brother Isaac played a low simple piece on the organ.  Vespers had begun.

Soon the gathered brothers were fully engaged in the chants, and Patrick, only in his first full day in the house, felt a deep vibration shivering, no shimmering through his entire being.

Was it the physical effect of Isaac’s base notes?  Was it the numinous of the collective praise? Or was it the true realisation that he was being touched by the finger of God?




Flash Fiction Challenge: Vibrations in 99 words


Based on actual event

Still Waters

File:Arleigh Burke DDG-51.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Public domain

“Still waters run deep.”  What an amazing metaphor.  But out on the big pond, still waters are a godsend.  “The Deep,” has her moments of calm, but Magellan got it wrong when he named the Pacific.  This expanse of deep shows her temper far too often.

Well, that is what the still waters of Petty Officer Mike Sanchez’s mind were pondering as he checked the lifeline on his harness, and made his way from the gun deck of his destroyer.  As he did, the vessel pitched headlong into a trough, and the bow disappeared into a next rising peak.




June 11: Flash Fiction Challenge – Deep Waters




Forest Path, Fern, Forest, Jungle


It had started out pretty much like every other day had for the last week.  Up early, and then a hike through the forest with the guys.  But not today.  No today, as he rounded the same bend he had taken for six consecutive days, he was greeted by the whiz and buzz of passing rounds.  He dropped to the ground along with his companions, as the the First Sergeant called out “Whiz – Crack, not a problem.  Whiz thud’s the B***h.”  David laughed to himself with his only thought being, “And I volunteered for this.”

(97 words)


Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge:  “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you are in absolute danger?

Awaiting Fame

Viking Ship, Shipbuilder, Denmark

Image by Jørgen Deleuran from Pixabay 

Einar and Destin shifted the long pine plank into position as Thorbold prepared to rivet it into place.

“Don’t let it slide beyond the mark I made,” the master boat-wright snapped.

“Sorry Thorbold,” the pair said almost in unison.

Destin wasn’t really sure he was “sorry,” after all he had been building clinker ships nearly as long as his brother, Thorbold had.

He would show him one day.  Sooner rather than later, in fact, that he, Destin Olafson could rival the skills of any boat builder in all of the Norse lands.

Just, today was not quite that day.




April 30: Flash Fiction Challenge – In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that features long boards.

Bat Girl

woman sitting on parking area pavement

Photo by Iwona Baran on Unsplash

Some called her a vigilante, others a local hero.  Whichever viewpoint you took, one thing was certain, petty crime had fallen in Braddockville.  She wore no Lycra-based catsuit or cape, but a plain set of blue denims and a blue patterned bandanna tied cowboy style about her face to shield her identity.

No one knew who this foiler of misdeeds was, but she was popularly referred to in both casual conversation and the local papers as Bat Girl.  Bat Girl?  Yes, the term was first used to describe her by the drug dealer that first experienced her Louisville Slugger.


(99 Words)

April 9: Flash Fiction Challenge – Shield Your Face



The Carried Wife

Girl, Peasant Woman, Tradition, Water

Image: Pixabay


The river wasn’t incredibly deep, but it was wide and the current brisk.  Inga and Charles stood staring at the detritus which seemed to permeate the flow.

“Charles, we can’t wait here all day, the pageant is right after lunch, and the town is still over a mile away.”

Inga had spent most of the last week sorting the ribbons, and finishing the embroidery on her native dress.  It was the one hundredth anniversary of their nation’s independence from the Empire, and Inga was supposed to lead the dance.

Without a word, Charles lifted her and entered the water.


(99 words)



Carrot Ranch: “The Carried Wife” Flash Fiction in 99 words