Follow the . . .

It wasn’t exactly yellow bricks, but it would have to do. After all, they weren’t in Kansas any more, so Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, headed down the Yellow Leaf Road in hopes of finding the Wizard. Little did they know that the Wicked Witch of East Anglia had an army of mustard-addicted canaries waiting to take carry them off to her evil realm of Norwich.


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #159

Monarch’s Chair

Monarch of the Wood, I have seen your chair

Why was it that you were not there?

Is it that your realm invasion faces

With plastic, and filth in your precious places?

Have you gone – your lands to defend?

Shall you return at the battle’s end?

Or shall we weep that you have fled the place?

Please say, I pray, that’s not the case


CCC 158

Right of Way

CCC 157

“I don’t know,” the contractor said looking at the damage. “That’s three times in the last two months. Are you sure you want me to fix it again?”

It’s the principle of the thing,” the councillor replied.

“If you say so. I’ll have my guys start in the morning.”

“Very much appreciated,” the official said. “Try a heavier gauge this time.”

“Okay, but I still don’t think it’s going to make much difference to that Sasquatch.”





Oskar and Jan stood where the pathway dead-ended and opened the scroll. Jan began to translate the ancient text aloud:

“Brave Adventurer, 

If you are at this point, it must be the 12th of August.  Leave the woodland and pass through the screen of tall grass and enter the field beyond.  At the centre of the field you will find a standing stone.  At precisely 2PM walk to the end of the stone’s shadow and dig two metres down.  You will find a clay jar which contains a key.  On the opposite side of the field you will find three gates.  Open the lefthand gate with the key and you will find a stone chest.  Open this chest and remove a further key from it.  Return to the stone and at 3:30PM dig at the limit of its shadow.  There you will find a chest, open it with the key and all will be revealed. 

Good luck, Adventurer.”

The pair followed the instructions, and in the chest they found a note:

“Return all to the way you found it, and place your quest scroll under a table at the nearest inn.  Well done brave Adventurer.  You will receive your reward from the barman.”

The pair again followed the instructions, and at the inn they received a voucher for 10% off their next quest.  The fantasy world isn’t what it used to be.


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #144


Road Dappled

The road pleasant dappled in shade

The path easy, level; good time to be made

And thus the road to us beckons

What lessons and adventures may lie in store?

What things will we do to enhance our lore,

On this beckoning road?

One foot before the other, and so we go

Waiting for destiny to make its show

As the road beckons and calls


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #139

A Brief Visit

CCC 137

I have come to pay a visit

To fill you in on things

I know that you will listen

To the news that I bring

You will not interrupt me

You were always good that way

I will share with you the latest

Then visit again another day

Someday I know you’ll answer

When we meet again face to face

But for now its good to be near you

Even in this place



Here Comes?

CCC #136

Is this George H’s coming of the sun?

Or is it the sign the rains have just begun

Coming or going – who is to say?

I guess we will need to wait and watch the sky today

2021 has been odd in East Anglia weeks of drought-like conditions followed by day after day of rain. We then had another dry spell with thunderstorms predicted for tonight and daily rain for the next week.