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Majestic once, you towered high

Reaching arrogantly to the sky

But your vanity proved a lie

For you in the wind tumbled

And you now rot where you lie

There are those that greatness claim

If they don’t see this lesson

They have only themselves to blame


“Beyond Autographs”

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I was looking at a social media profile page, and one of the prompts for setting up the page asked, “I would ask for an autograph from…”. I pondered this for a moment and gave the usual lines of reasoning.

“Hmmm, of the living, ahh.  No reality celebs. Film stars? Maybe, but, No. Politicians?  NO!

“Okay, the dead then. Lincoln? Yes, that would be cool.  Gandhi? ML King? Yes, they would be meaningful.”

“Wait, I’ve got it.  People of faith: Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, and even the recently departed, Billy Graham.”

“Better still, Bible people! Moses, yes! David, cool indeed. Peter, James, and John; most definitely.”

“Would I even dare imagine, Jesus’ autograph in my book?  Wow, how exciting.  How much more than I could hope for?  What could possibly be better?”

Then, it hit me.  “What could possibly be better? Yes, that’s it,  not His name in my book, but mine in His!”  (Revelation 21:27)