With Toddler-Toes

photo by Thomas Despeyroux via Unsplash

Yellow duckies in the bath

Innocent pleasure – with toddler-toes to guide you

Amid pink turtles – along your bubbled path




Three Line Tales, Week 232






Listen Carefully

Car, Transportation System, Vehicle, Bus, Outdoors


I listen carefully to the chimes’ approach

Such a simple tune should be beyond reproach

Creamy goodies are on their way

The kid’s all hear it from blocks away

They rush and scramble to get their place

Wanting treats to fill their face

But there is not so much as a mask in sight

And social distancing, “is so last night”

But summer’s here, hot cocoa days are past

So this daily jostle I guess, for months will last

And hopefully a new spike will not result

And make this daily scramble halt




Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #24: I’m only suggesting you use two of the seven words or phrases. Choose carefully. Here’s what you have to work with: kindlinghot cocoamonsoonpurple mountain majestiesfig leafrubber ducky, and cheese puff.

Where Evil Lurks

Messy, Bedroom, Home, Bed, Room, Furniture, Bedding


Evil lurks beneath the bed –

Amid rolled up socks and week-old bread.

A banana peel, now hard and brown,

But worst of all – that grinning clown.

I know monsters – they are not there.

But the chalk-faced fiend – from the fair,

To hide from its gaze, I shoved it there.

So each night,  I must pass in terror,

Till Mum cleans up – I must beware.

I think the sign -KEEp OuT of My ROOm,

Is something I should get rid of –

And really soon.




Terrifying Tuesday #1: Your challenge is to explore the world of childhood frights and use it as inspiration for a story, poem, or whatever you like.



Hurry!: A Haibun


Angelica sprinted through the waist-deep grass.  She had spent a wonderful morning entertaining elves, princesses, and even a giant in her secret hideout in the hills overlooking her apartment complex.  She was so engrossed in the conversation with one centaur that just happened to stop in for a chat that she had forgotten that her mother had told her to be home no later than 12:30 for lunch.  It was 12:23 when she thought to glance at her watch.  She quickly excused herself from the conversation and headed home.

Rushing towards home
Amid rolling hills of play
Sandwiches await




Inspiration Call – 7 Jan 2020

The Clouds of Childhood



Clouds (image found on You Tube)

The Clouds of Childhood

The brothers lay on their backs and looked at the passing clouds, discovering the menagerie hidden within.

Dragons and tigers – Drifting images overhead – Imagination


Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, July 31st 2019, clouds

The challenge is create a so called “One-Bun”, it’s a haibun-form created by Jim Kacian and the goal is to create a haibun that has only one line including the title, the prose and the haiku (in this case a one-line haiku).



When We Were Very Young

British, Telephone, Red, Box, Booth



A shilling was a treasure then

Our sweets cost just 2d

There were but three channels on the telly then

When we were very young


We played with wooden sticks then

The “joy” type was unknown

A red box on the village green

Was our only “mobile” phone


We wore blazers or pinnies

When we went to school

At break time we chased or bulldog played

When we were very young




Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: When We Were Very Young

You Go First


– bookbadaboom/Pikabu

“You go first,” Mary said.

“I don’t think I like this game,” Suzie replied.  “Can’t we just go back to the swings?”

“Don’t be such a baby,” Mary taunted.  “Besides it will be fun when we get inside.”

“How do you know?” Suzie asked skeptically.

“Because everybody says so,” Mary said pedantically.

“Like who?” Suzie challenged.

“Millie Wilson,” Mary said as if that was the only evidence necessary.

“Okay, I will try it, but you go first!”



Photo Challenge #267