Left behind

Out of mind

Set aside

And forgotten

Once important

No longer dear

Yesterday’s realm

As if rotten

Why do we act this way

Abandoning things of our past?

Is it because of culture throw away

Where nothing is meant to last?



image: Pixabay

When eating sweets or crisps for that matter

What’s to be done with the wrapper?

That thing once used is oft discarded

We don’t keep hold – but with it soon are parted

Wrappers are things we throw away

We don’t want them for yet another day

And so I often remind my tutees

That with their music they should do their duty

For when it comes to the rappers of today

We should be sure to throw the rubbish away



Enclosed, Wound, Tether, Free

Life today seems transitory,

As we move on from place to place.

Gone is the time of a job for life;

And old landmarks are removed to make real estate space.

Friendships are measured by numbers on screens

Not by a smile face to face.

Relationships are disposable,

As for greener pastures we race.


No more than a “down-time” space.

As all blurs by us, on to what do we hold?

What is it that tethers us in place?


Weekend Writing Prompt #216 – Tether in 80 words

Botanical Union

Leaf, Nature, Green, Abstract, Plants


Shamrock, Thistle, and the Leek

Each was growing free

Now penned in by Rose’s thorns

A counterfeit liberty

Westminster still has much to learn

For there are more than Roses – you see

That make up this fragile union

That they think of as “their” country





No Rest

Why have you come and disturbed my rest?

You have no intent, in this holy place, to utter a single prayer

Yet above me you stand and gawk and stare

Of my very presence you seem fully unaware

Some have come to rub my brass – but of me no interest is shown 

Of my might in battle, or service to throne

Of voyages and holy lands seen

So, why have you come and disturbed my rest?

What have you come to see?

Arches and pillars – is that all?

What of God – and what of me?




Many of the people that visit Medieval churches and cathedrals tour these places without an awareness of the nobles, knights, and clerics over whose memorial slabs and graves they tread.