Before Gen Z

Red Telephone Booth
Mike at Pexels

Way back in the olden days

A phone was in a red box

And by the call you did pay

Coins were needed

And the time went by quick

Only the rich had mobiles 

And they were the size of bricks

A phone was a phone

No camera or text

And dial was a rotary

No buttons to press

And yet we each day did survive

Even without a phone – we stayed alive

So do not tell me you have too much to say

Especially to those with whom you’ve spent the day

What is it that cannot wait?

Just wait till tomorrow you chatter-lust to sate










Woman, Girl, Young, Human, Female



“Your verbal hygiene is atrocious,” Amy said in disgust.

“What?  Does my breath stink?” Karen said, putting a hand across her mouth to speak. “And isn’t the term supposed to be ‘oral’ hygiene?”

“No, there isn’t anything wrong with your breath.  And ‘verbal’ is exactly what I meant to say.  Do you even listen to the diseased crap that comes out of your mouth?  No wonder you mom named you Karen.”




FOWC with Fandango — Verbal



“Ed – Mate, I really don’t get you.  I am starting to wonder if you listen to a single word I say,” Gareth ranted.

“What?  I did exactly what you said!” Ed challenged.

“Okay.  Tell me exactly what I told you to do.” Gareth replied.

“You said, go into Felixstowe and order a skiff.  Then you said to have it delivered here by noon today.  That’s exactly what you said.”

“Skip!  I said, ‘Order a skip’.”

“Ah – um, skip?” Ed repeated un-surely.

“Yes, a skip so we can clear out the workshop,” Gareth reiterated.

“It is a nice skiff though, don’t you thing?  And I got a really good price,” Ed said after a long pause.

“Skip!” Gareth repeated.




Crimson’s Creative Challenge #92




500+ Free Woman Reading & Reading Images - Pixabay


Little bookworm cocooned away

With just the written page

But it is there – like a butterfly

That imagination can happily play


Sweet bookworms everywhere

When you emerge from your world of ink

Please share with us your insights deep

Tell us what you thing






Light Inside Library

Photo by Janko Ferlic from Pexels

Descartes suggested that I live, and am what’s in my mind

The images and expressions there – are all uniquely mine

So how can I share that world, so that you can see

The things that I experience there – seen just by me?


We use our words – to carry others to where

We can unveil our private mysteries

We open up our vistas

Through our vocab-lary


One-hundred-thousand-seventy some

Words are in use – on Oxford’s page

Plus half a hundred-thousand – now extinct

That were once all the rage


But these it seems are inadequate

To share our world – far and wide

So perhaps a quarter million more

From foreign tongues have been supplied


So why is there such confusion

Often about the things we say?

Do we even listen

When others’ thoughts they relay?









Lost In Translation

Two Men Talking

image – Pexels

Crystal let out an involuntary laugh, and then tried to stifle her giggles.  The two broad shouldered macho-types sitting on her couch looked at her as if she had gone mad.

“What’s so funny?” her boyfriend Rich asked.

“It’s just – it’s just,” she tried to say before bursting into another chuckle.  Calming herself, she finally managed to say, “It’s just that Dave just asked you, ‘Do you remember when we used to hump until we died?’.  You don’t want to know the image that went through my mind,” she said, before bursting into another fit of laughter.

“Ha ha,” Rich said sarcastically.  “Hump – ‘hike with full gear and pack’.”

“I need to hit the head,” Dave said.

“Down the hall and on the left,” Rich replied.

As his buddy left the room, Rich said, “I know Marine jargon is a bit arcane, but just try to act like a grown up.”

“Okay,” she said and then burst into laughter again, “You two humping.  Can’t wait to tell Janet.”




FOWC with Fandango — Arcane






To Calmly Disagree

Old, Past, Antique, Nostalgia, Auto, Pkw, Car, Oldtimer


For you it’s a coffee

For me it’s a tea

On gluten-free cake

We can both agree

Not all things are so easy

That’s plain to see

Especially when it comes

To what’s on TV

Or on a long journey

Of many a mile

Who will control

The radio dial?

Mozart or The Beatles

Pink Floyd or John Cash

Let’s find an agreement

Before our discussion

Ends in a crash