A Matter of Communication

Padre’s Ramblings

This past weekend, the Toastmasters club I belong to had its Christmas party. It was held (as are our meetings) in a lovely old pub on the border between Suffolk and Norfolk. The set Christmas carvery was wonderful, as usual, and I being pescatarian had the veggie nut roast option. With that said, I found it hilarious to watch members of a club centred on communications skills try to play charades. Let’s put it this way, with members from the US, UK, the Philippines, and more, we faced a bit of a communications dilemma when we couldn’t use our words. Some was cultural. For instance before the games even started there was a need to clarify what was meant by a Christmas cracker, and a panto. But then the miming began for the charades. Our resident Disney enthusiast was able to decipher anything from that quarter, and another member was just a natural. The rest of us, however, definitely lost something in translation. Maybe we should build up our skill set and do an entire table topics in charades format (or not).

A big shout out to the Ram staff for a lovely meal, and a merry Christmas to all.


O yeah, well *@^!


even destructive

so many things we learn

like biting comments

and cruel remarks

and insults that burn

and though no one set out to teach them

still these things we learn

etching away at our souls

as kindness and goodness we spurn



I often question what should be my angle

When with controversial topics I attempt to tangle

Am I a voice of reason – trying to relate

To all possible views and negotiate?

Or should I the devil’s advocate be?

Stating viewpoints with which I don’t agree

Should I my own mind clearly state?

Is that the angle from which to debate?

The angle I am afraid is seldom clear

So, no one will no which approach I used here


I Shall Speak

Confined to my baby-cot

Thought to be asleep

I practice the word “Mommy”

And then I repeat

For in the morning when I wake

To my mother I shall speak


Racked with anticipation

As I sit there passive – meek

Listening to my viewpoints scorned

Week after week

But when discussion time next arrives

In English class, my opinions I shall speak


Demands on workers made

Management thinks us weak

Unreasonable conditions new

As more profits corporate seeks

But it shall not be at our expense

For as a united voice for all – to management I shall speak


When society has begun to shred

And corruption in high places is at its peak

When journalists are shut down

When it is only truth they speak

Then I will again make my stand

And for the public, I shall speak


Hurtful Words

In a savage manner our words can hurt

And with cruel phrases – with violence we flirt

An insult here, and innuendo there

Can wound souls and cause dispair

While striking back – it too is wrong

Let us instead be kind – and get along


Distorted Meaning

A few letters dropped

An auto-correct

My true meaning lost

It failed to connect

Though unintentional

The consequence remains

How could just a few letters

Cause such pain?

You should know me better

I’m never than mean

Honestly it was my phone

That said that thing


To Be Heard

Pastor Larry reminded us today that despite all of the turmoil of the world, the Lord is not only with us, but hears our calls and petitions. Larry cited the 40th Psalm in his introduction: “I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire;
he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.”

What firmer place to stand than with the One who created dry land, and who calmed chaotic seas (Genesis 1)? Jesus told us that it is the epitome of wisdom to build upon the firm foundation of God (Matthew 7). That wisdom we can see manifested in our Psalm: “He turned to me and heard my cry.”

So why are so many of us silent? When we hear of pandemics, we scramble to buy toilet paper rather than appeal to the Great Healer Himself to aid us. When some see injustice in the world, they scribble placards and take to the streets, rather than asking for the assistance of the Judge of the World.

There is at present not only the rumours of wars, but actual fighting in the streets. Yes, we should be like the early church of Acts (chapter 2) and send aid, but how much more should we send our prayers! Look at Acts 6. The needs were there, and the Apostles had priorities! They appointed the seven so that they could dedicate themselves to “to prayer and the ministry of the word.”

Maybe we live in a time when we feel devalued and unlistened to. We get vague acknowledgements of our voices from our peers. We ask, “How are you?,” meaning little more than “Hello.” We are quick to think that our fears, problems, and concerns are not worthy of consideration, because that is how this world treats our appeals. But when we are patient. There is One who is faithful, and will turn to us and listen. And He promises to give us exceedingly, abundantly more than we even ask for. It is the time to not be silent. It is time to be heard.