The Shooting

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Dylan couldn’t exactly call it the perfect crime, but he was pretty sure he had gotten away with it. He was a known opponent of gun rights, and hadn’t done any real outside activity since high school. Yes, the “soyboy’s soyboy,” wouldn’t be on the radar.

Not only had he used a 30-30 he had found in a cubbyhole in the basement of the house he bought six years ago, but he also knew the previous owner had died of cancer leaving no heirs. He had waited for just the right day too. It was a snowy day which kept most everyone cozy indoors.

He had slipped out of his backdoor into the woods wearing a hoody he had found left on a train a few weeks before, and he thought it would be the perfect disquise as he never wore such things. He had merely scooped it up and put it in his briefcase. It was simple as that.

Once he had made the trees he skirted the area to arrive at his destination. He then fired two rounds into his victim and made his way back into the woods, dragging a blanket he had brought with him to level out any footprints, and he was sure the falling snow would do the rest.

The next day the local news reported that the police were baffled by the crime. They had no idea what the motive was, much less the identity of the perpetrator. Who would shoot two holes into an inflatable clown at the front of a closed daycare centre?

Dylan hated clowns.


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #115

The Job

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The perpetrators were easy to classify.  They were known as “Wannabees.”  Their leader, for lack of a better word, was John “Toolbar” Tolbert.  Tolbert had illusions of grandeur, and saw himself as a modern day Jesse James.

With this fantasy dancing in his head, he decided that he and his band of would-be felons would rob not one, but two banks back to back. 

The first heist at the Urban Mutual actually went off quite well, but rather than escaping and striking somewhere unexpected, they slowly crossed the street to rob the First State Bank.  If this was not a bad enough tactic, the group easily stood out on the busy street because of their rubber presidents’ masks.  

Yes, in a world of surgical mask anonymity brought about by a world-wide health crisis, they wore presidents’ masks.  Toolbar later told the police that it seemed a good idea, because he had seen it in a movie.  Tolbert was a tool indeed.



FOWC with Fandango — Classify

Tale Weaver – #289 – Masks

Highway Robbery

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Highway robbery isn’t what it used to be

When your Highwayman –  is a she

She has some style – and she has some grace

And she rides like a fury – our horses outpaced


The mail and some bullion –

From the driver she received

And then of my purse and my watch

I was next relieved


She was courteous and civil all the while

But it doesn’t diminish that her crimes are vile

What has happened to the women of today

When your very own daughter could treat you this way?