Masked Man

CCC #135

It wasn’t exactly like he rode into the sunset in the west, but he certainly rode away. As I sat on a rural roadway with a flat tyre and no spare or phone signal, I was approached by a mounted masked man (well it is the age of Covid) and what I could only assume was his trusty side-kick. He rode down the lane and ascertaining my plight said he would send help from the nearest village. Sure enough about a half hour later a recovery vehicle from the village garage arrived. In the end I was left with the lingering question: “Who was that masked-man, I wanted to thank him?”


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #135

Life is Like . . .

person holding box of doughnuts
jojo (sharemyfoodd) at Unsplash

“Like a box of chocolates” Forrest said

But some like baked goods instead

And if you are wise and read the label

You will know what to expect when they’re on the table

Life may be full of uncertainty and surprises

But doughnuts are one of life’s predictable prizes