Adult, Casual, Caucasian, Glasses

Forgetful of the ways; and

Mistakes made in bygone days

Treating every situation as if new

Ignoring similar situations your grandparents knew

Thinking that you know what is best

Even if it fails to meet the test

To think that you’re always right

Ignoring other options that are in plain sight

It is the epitome of selfish pride

When the facts your views have clearly denied



Camera, Film Camera, Film, Photography

Tiles aligned in pattern sequenced

Like justified words upon a page

Moroccan designs of tessellation

To the encounter’s backdrop the perfect stage

And so, the minister strode – upon a mission of state

To be confronted by the awaiting press

A statement he was called – to the nation to make

He spouted party line

His words too did tessellate


Weekend Writing Prompt #218 – Tessellate in 58 words

Community Watch

Tiredness, tears

Tears and tiredness

Fatigue beyond my years

Tears and tiredness

Tiredness, tears

Calls for relief to unhearing ears

Tiredness, tears

Tears and tiredness

Standing watch to protect my peers

Tears and tiredness

Tiredness, tears

Hope for help as morning nears

Tears, Tiredness

Tiredness and tears


dVerse – Chant Poetry

Written in honour of the community members that have posted themselves to protect their neighbourhoods in the present unrest in South Africa.

Liege – Rotterdam?

MorgueFile 7412431c75b38f899a79ef471a0d913e

He was in Liege; or was it Rotterdam? Hell, I don’t even know what country I’m in any more, he mused. Adam Golding had spent the last three months shuttling around Europe for the WHO. It was an endless stream of visits with local health officials, and hospital administrators. Frankly, it was all becoming a blur.

He was tired and the day hadn’t even really started yet. He glanced at his itinerary, and then at his watch. Okay, this is Rotterdam, he mused. Three hours till I meet with the committee. The sooner we get the vaccinations done, the better. I need a rest.

He jumped into the shower, and then dressed. A quick breakfast?” he thought. No, just coffee, he decided and flicked on the kettle in his room. Sometimes I wish I had become a vet like Dad, he thought reflectively, then shook his head at the thought. No, at least I’m making a difference, he concluded. I hope.



Open All Hours

red and white UNKs neon light signage
Chris J. Davis at Unsplash

Open all hours come on in

As long as you have a mask on your chin

Nose and mouth covered too

Keep a metre’s distance if not two

Sanitise hands, wipe down your basket

We sincerely hope your visit’s fantastic

What’s that you want only to use the loo?

Sorry, but that requires flash wipes

And a purchase too



“Snow Day”


Holly and Tim booted up their laptop and prepared for another day of online phonics and fractions. As the computer came to life, there was something unusual on the school’s Google Classroom links. As they went through each of their lesson slots they saw that the connection was down. It seems the entire server had crashed – the Covid lockdown equivalent of a “snow day.”


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #101