In An Alternative Dimension

The Johnny Depp case drags on. Has anyone else noticed that Amber has answered so many questions other than the ones actually asked, that even the court officers refer to her as “Misheard?”

It is the way it is

It can be no other way

It is the thing I remember

So nobody else can contrary say

The world is as I perceive it

The rest of you are wrong

So just surrender and do my way

And I’m sure we’ll get along


When Evil Reigns

image: Korea Times

I have studied and taught the Holocaust for most of my professional career. Humanity’s ability to be inhumane is staggering. Events in Ukraine have once again demonstrated this. As Russian Federation troops withdraw from Kyiv, terrible discoveries are being made. Evidence of the murder of civilians, rape, and torture fill the media. While the “fog of war” still may prevent us getting an accurate view of such claims, it is clear that the present findings are not mere propaganda. Israeli Holocaust historian, Yehuda Bauer has said repeatedly that we cannot objectively compare suffering, but that there is suffering in the present conflict, there is no doubt.

I am not able to fathom the depravity being shown in the current situation. Such actions did not end at Babi Yar, My Lai, or Srebrenica, but are continuing today. Let us give our prayers and support to the victims of atrocity, and make a stand for compassion and righteousness to make sure that evil no longer reigns.


Hurtful Words

In a savage manner our words can hurt

And with cruel phrases – with violence we flirt

An insult here, and innuendo there

Can wound souls and cause dispair

While striking back – it too is wrong

Let us instead be kind – and get along


Path Ahead

The path before us uncertain

It is hidden by time’s curtain

Wars and their rumour fall on our ears

And we pray and do our best to hold back tears

What the future holds no person knows

As grand plans collapse and guilt is exposed

But I must trust that all is in hand

By the grace of our Creator,

Who the world does command

It will all work together for the good

For those that trust Him as we should



People, Talking, Gesturing, Conversation

“I don’t quite get what you are on about.”

“It’s really simple, we have been living in a Matrix-like alternative reality, and it is just now that we are emerging – ‘awakening’ to what is true.”

“So Covid was a good thing, then?”

“Well not ‘good,’ but useful. It has allowed us to question assumptions and rise above 250,000 years of conditioning to get a firm grasp on who we really are?”

“And who is that?”

“Hell if I know.”


War, Special Forces, Sniper, Army

Crime evolves. Weakness is exploited. Order must evolve with it.

The 1820s saw the formation of the Peelers in England to deal with the disruptions of the peace in industrial urbanisation. The 1920s and 30s witnessed the birth of the G-men in the wake of the Great Depression.

The 2020s saw the end of traditional venue based retail. Strip malls and then the big mega-malls closed their doors. Commerce moved online, and the likes of Amazon and FedEx became the outlet to goods of an increasingly isolated and sedentary population. The underclass and those seeking quick gain soon cashed in preying on the delivery mechanism. This gave rise in 2028 to a new breed of lawman – The Deliverymen.

The D-men were highly-trained ex-military and paramilitary operatives. They were equipped with state of the art surveillance systems and weaponry. They had one simple mission: that the goods flowed without impediment. By 2034, slow railway junctions were no longer littered with low value goods and the discarded packaging of looted goods, but with the rotting corpses and bleached bones of would be train robbers. The age of the D-men had come.