Warding Off

CCC # 127

As a scarecrow keeps the birds away

Our scarecovid keeps the disease at bay

She stands guard before our home

A sentry caring standing all alone

And with her we shall win

Against the virus that shut us in



Warding off virus off the ward with:

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #127

Liege – Rotterdam?

MorgueFile 7412431c75b38f899a79ef471a0d913e

He was in Liege; or was it Rotterdam? Hell, I don’t even know what country I’m in any more, he mused. Adam Golding had spent the last three months shuttling around Europe for the WHO. It was an endless stream of visits with local health officials, and hospital administrators. Frankly, it was all becoming a blur.

He was tired and the day hadn’t even really started yet. He glanced at his itinerary, and then at his watch. Okay, this is Rotterdam, he mused. Three hours till I meet with the committee. The sooner we get the vaccinations done, the better. I need a rest.

He jumped into the shower, and then dressed. A quick breakfast?” he thought. No, just coffee, he decided and flicked on the kettle in his room. Sometimes I wish I had become a vet like Dad, he thought reflectively, then shook his head at the thought. No, at least I’m making a difference, he concluded. I hope.



Open All Hours

red and white UNKs neon light signage
Chris J. Davis at Unsplash

Open all hours come on in

As long as you have a mask on your chin

Nose and mouth covered too

Keep a metre’s distance if not two

Sanitise hands, wipe down your basket

We sincerely hope your visit’s fantastic

What’s that you want only to use the loo?

Sorry, but that requires flash wipes

And a purchase too



“Snow Day”


Holly and Tim booted up their laptop and prepared for another day of online phonics and fractions. As the computer came to life, there was something unusual on the school’s Google Classroom links. As they went through each of their lesson slots they saw that the connection was down. It seems the entire server had crashed – the Covid lockdown equivalent of a “snow day.”


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #101

Distance Learning

Still Life, School, Retro, Ink, Table, Desk, Study

Gigi assembled her planners, her calendars, her pens, pouches, and post-its before her on the desk and stood over them like a general surveying maps. Useless, she thought to herself. If she were indeed a general she would have called a retreat. What good was all this stationery in a world of e-Learning?

Pushing it all to one side, she opened her laptop and scrolled to find the tutorials for Google Classroom and Google Forms. She also cleared away some clutter from behind her desk to give a more professional background to Monday’s upcoming “live” lesson. It was going to be a long weekend, and General Gigi now knew how Napoleon must have felt at Waterloo.



First Line Friday


Public Domain

Eight score years ago

Capital dome – like the nation incomplete

Lincoln stood upon the stairs

Reconciliation he did seek

“The bonds of affection,” he said, were suffering strain

But that those bonds of friendship should yet remain

Four years later

The dome now complete

He called for there to be no malice

To rebuild – no conflict to repeat

Today we see that white doomed bastion

Of liberty in receipt

Of scenes of bitter hatred

Enough to make one weep

These are times of testing

A crucible of pain

Let us heed old Abraham’s words

So peace and democracy – can remain


Weekend Writing Prompt #191 – Crucible in 100 words


Old stone steps in salt mine

Seemingly past its prime, its steps well worn

Giving the appearance sad – forlorn

But democracy’s not dead – not quite yet

Though its recent path has left some regret

But we who believe in higher things

Trust in a public voice

Above tyrants or kings

So while its been battered

And some questioned its repute

The will of the people

Shall not be mute