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The despondent correspondent

Stepped from the briefing room

He had said such mean things to her

When she entered just a moment too soon


How could he say it’s all news fake –

And personally attack her journal-ism?

Should she her school and paper defend?

After all she’s only eleven




FOWC with Fandango — Despondent


Half Truths and Prevarication

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Dachau Gate^


The way to control your people

Is to lie and then lie again

Make the lies so huge and colossal

That there’s no doubt that they could be pretend*


And then when you think you’ve got them

Half truths and prevarications extend

Be it a Dachau or Oswiecim

On people’s hopes and fears depend**


If you want to convince your people

Of your need to go to war

Tell them that mass destruction awaits them

In 45 minutes  – not a moment more


Remind the public often

They live in a democracy

Where everyone’s free and equal –

Just maybe – not as much as thee




*The Big Lie


^”Work Makes You Free” A Doublespeak



Statue Of Liberty, Landmark, Island, New York, America


We talk often of our rights

Our sacred liberty

But here are some important lessons

About liberal democracy


You have the right to raise your fist

There are few the act would oppose

But the right raise that self-same fist

Ends at the tip of my nose


Your speech you say – is an inalienable right

That is true —

As long as you  —

No violence do insight


So beware of politicians’ claims

That they your rights preserve

Judge them by their actions

And the agenda that they serve


These are but my opinions

But I offer them as one free

And you in your freedom

Can concur or disagree









Intelligence Report

Ufo, Spaceship, Aircraft, Drive, Nozzles, Research


“Is the intelligence report ready, Lieutenant Zorg?”

“Yes Commander” the Vivivian replied.

“A brief synopsis, please,” the Commander instructed.

“Very good, Commander.  The third planet has limited useful resources owing to over exploitation, but may well be a viable contact opportunity.  Our analysis of the communications from the planet suggest that the two dominant species seem to be “Humanians” and “Covidians,” though we have only really been able to decipher the communications of the former.  It seems that there is presently a conflict, and the Humanians are in disarray at recent offensive moves by the Covidians.”

“Interesting” the Commander said. “Continue.”

“As I have said, this is all from the Humanian perceptive and they are divided in their responses.  The two biggest factions seem to be Maskers and Anti-Maskers.”

“Maskers?” the Commander queried.

“Ah yes – masks seem to be some sort of artificial barriers that are placed over the respiratory organs of these creatures.”

“Hmm,” the Commander said contemplatively.

“The whole thing seems to have led to unrest as well with many Humanians avoiding the hostilities by isolating themselves and maintaining a distance from others of their species of what we calculate to be 0.6 of a Xeih.   Others, however seem to be calling for the “taking of a knee,” some sort of bending of one of their self-propulsion organs.  This seems to be resisted by one of the three main species leaders, a um, yes that’s it, Trump.”

“So they have a divided command structure?”

“Yes Commander – the other world leaders seem to be a Fauci, and a Greta.  That is all we have at the moment though.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant. I think we will wait for their hostilities to end before we land and offer them universal health and happiness.  They don’t seem prepared for it yet.”



On The Fence

Sitting on the fence

Trying to decide

To in the garden stay

Or explore the world – wide

We to have decisions

That we have to make

We often wait a bit too long

Trying to avoid mistakes

But in these troubled times

That we find ourselves within

Sitting on fences

May help the wrong cause to win.





Lock Down Blues

Mask, Surgical Mask, Virus, Protection


“Lock-down,” “Stay at home,” “Quarantine”

“Sheltering,” “Shielding,” “Know what I mean?”

“Observed,” “Practiced,” “Put into place”

“Flouted,” “Ignored,” or just “Disobeyed”

“Mask it,” “Visor it,” “Cover your face”

“Might as well be hooded –

Sent to that Gitmo place!”

“It’s all about health!” “It’s our freedoms – I say!”

“I wish that Covid would just go away!”



Sunday Writing Prompt – Lockdown


No Adventures Thus Required


closed red wooden door

Photo by Aachal on Unsplash

Sensible folk – stay at home

For dangers lay in the world abroad

Adventuring types oft – to their own homes bring

Unwanted visitors and maladies odd

We biggers should these truths have learned

From the wise halflings of the Shire

Maybe if we had so done

None of the current measures

Would we now require







Botanical Union

Leaf, Nature, Green, Abstract, Plants


Shamrock, Thistle, and the Leek

Each was growing free

Now penned in by Rose’s thorns

A counterfeit liberty

Westminster still has much to learn

For there are more than Roses – you see

That make up this fragile union

That they think of as “their” country





High and Dry


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Extinction took a different connotation during the third peak of Covid 19.  Lock-down was accompanied by “shoot to kill” orders for violators.  Extinction, with this new mutated form, was something that even Right Wing deniers had to accept.

Extinction took a different connotation; Extinction Rebellion was all but a footnote.  Lock-down led to work from home orders.  Long nights of lights burning, and the constant demand on the internet raised electricity demand three-fold.  In order to cope, governments recommissioned coal fed plants.

Extinction took a different connotation, in light of the power drains and the thawing of the last of the Ross Ice Shelf, as well as the ice from, the now green, Greenland.  David ignored the last stay at home order and grabbed Barbara and the kids and made his way the the High Sierras.

Extinction was far from David’s mind as he stepped from his little cabin at New Sierra.  He took Barbara’s hand and they gazed into the Pacific sunset outside their home.  Tomorrow at low-tide, they would picnic on the beach.




Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #74



Masks 2

Venice, Mask, Face, Carnevale, Festival, Venetian


What would those revelers of old Venice say

If they traveled those same streets and canals today?

Faces covered, but where is the satin?

Splendid visages gone – behind just a surgical pattern

Life they say – is entering a new norm

Shall it be bright or dreary –  which mask shall will be worn?