It wasn’t really that long ago, that vaguely remembered time that we call “before.” Before the pandemic, before Brexit; before – when we still had a queen. Where has that time gone? How have we arrived to this place we refer to a now, when the Pound is at an all time low, and politicians are rewarding millionaires for the accomplishment with tax cuts that are equivalent to the annual wages of two nurses. Don’t forget this is all in the name of “growth.” If this is growth, I would rather descend back to my “smaller” self, the one I was before.


A Word From The Broadcast Team

We thank you all – our loyal viewers

Who stand by us despite the reviewers

We might have with the original a few liberties taken

But the author would have approved, if I’m not mistaken

So maybe it doesn’t quite match the lore

But it’s really woke – who could ask for more?

So once again thanks for your subscription

It’s only that – that’s holding back our eviction


The Unthinkable

It is becoming a crisis. Migrants are landing willy-nilly on beaches across the east and southeast of Britain. There also seems to be no concerted effort made to stem the flow of their arrival. In some areas the newcomers are beginning to outnumber and even displace the local population, and you can hear their unfamiliar language being spoken everywhere. I am afraid our culture will soon be changed forever* if we don’t do something about all these Anglo-Saxons.


*450 AD

Conspiracy Theorists Unite

When roads melt and farm fields bake

There will always be someone who will claim its fake

For them everything is a government plan

To control the citizenry, every woman and man

I find it odd that they cannot see

What is right in front of them – obviously

And yet they will conspiracy claim

Leaving their bugbears all the blame


In An Alternative Dimension

The Johnny Depp case drags on. Has anyone else noticed that Amber has answered so many questions other than the ones actually asked, that even the court officers refer to her as “Misheard?”

It is the way it is

It can be no other way

It is the thing I remember

So nobody else can contrary say

The world is as I perceive it

The rest of you are wrong

So just surrender and do my way

And I’m sure we’ll get along