Close-up Photo of Woman Covering Her Ears
Oleg Magni at Pexels

I can’t be bothered

I don’t really care

It’s your problem

There’s no need to share

I am not cold-hearted

But I’m still dismissive

Of the complaints you cited

In that five-page missive

Go deal with it on your own

And leave me alone



Warding Off

CCC # 127

As a scarecrow keeps the birds away

Our scarecovid keeps the disease at bay

She stands guard before our home

A sentry caring standing all alone

And with her we shall win

Against the virus that shut us in



Warding off virus off the ward with:

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #127

Song Bird’s Haven

Blue Tit, Nest Building, Song Bird, Moss, Moss In Beak

To build a place to call my own

A home as by me envisioned

My own hands to craft the frame

And its details of my own imagination

How diligently the song bird

With a twig within its beak

Goes to fashion a haven for its eggs

And a place for the night to sleep



Fruit of the Vine

Wine, White, Red, An Isolated, Glass

Be it a white clear,

A rose pink,

Or a deep purple red

As dark as ink

The grape has produced

Drinks deemed fine

Whether dubbed vino or wine

But as a Protestant quite fundamental

It’ll be for Concord grape juice

That I’ll settle



Spring Labour

Bird, Robin, Tree, Red Breast, Songbird

Spring has now fully come

And like wee birds it’s time to the garden return

There is so much to do

Winter waste remove and soil to turn

There are bulbs to nuture

And new saplings to guide and train

And all within the timespan

Between those spring-tyde rains

But when all is completed

And pots and bed-plants in rows

We can for just that moment

Sit back and enjoy it grow


Further To Go

Road, Landscape, Horizon, Straight, Clouds, Panorama

Further to go

More distance to cover

Journeying on

Things to discover

We may arrive

But seldom stay there

We get called out

To who knows where

Only to be redirected

Which isn’t that fair

Making our return

We soon discover

That we have again

More distance to cover

Further to go


MTB: Coming full circle


Wood, Wood Worm, Hinge, Rots, Door

House derelict though still dwelt in

A place unkept and decayed

Gates at angles remain ajar

No longer sturdy like when they were made

The old recluse abides within

Visitors discouraged – even shunned

Gates and their owner quite unhinged

Ever since he lost his wife and son



Swept-back wings cut through the air

Acrobatic feats in a clear blue sky

Effortlessly snatching insects mid-flight

While at dizzying speeds they do fly

Swifts a bird so aptly named

As overhead they streak by

Omen of the season’s change

Summer’s arrival they imply