Sometimes I think that I will find

The secret of having peace of mind

But then come dilemmas that on me bind

Making me feel I’ve fallen behind

These moments sometimes are even combined

Making peace and chaos ill-defined

Confusion and clarity intertwined

Uncertain, unstable, fleeting

Like the pattern of this poem that rhymed



Written for d’Verse Poetics: Impermanence


The Watch-keeper

Sea, Sailing Vessel, Ocean, Sunset, Sky, Dusk

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay


Take yourself aloft – your watch to keep

As we plough our way across the deep

Keep a weather eye – for anything ill

What’s that lad?  It means keep your eye peel’d

With luck – port we’ll make by morn

Driving hard away from yesterday’s storm




Peel/Peeled with d’Verse

Tea Spirit


Daniel Fehr

The Tea Spirit embodied

In a drink invigorating and clean

Her very essence captured

In the beverage of which she is queen


Some swear by burned beans

For the making of brews

But it is in the simple leaf

That I find my muse


The Tea Spirit’s gift

A drink invigorating and clean

Her very essence in it captured

The elixir which among drinks – is queen




Photo Challenge #303


See also: Tea Song







Soup Bowl, Soup Plate, Spoon, Empty, Plate, Food, Soup


“I’m Full.”

“Fully Full?”

“Fully Filled Indeed.”

“Fully Stuffed Full?”

“Exhaustively Full.”

“Exhaustively, Full To The Brink?”

“I’m Filled So Full, My Filling’s Complete.”

“Complete, Like You Can’t Even Manage A Drink?”

“Sated, Content, Even My Satisfaction’s Full;

Wait – Did You Mention A Drink?



Quadrille #97 – Filling the Page

Wild Country

Bison Near Kelly Wyoming, Bison, Nature


Wild country –

Barren land –

Sweeping grasses –

Untouched by man.


The wagons roll,

Across the wide prairie –

Keen eyed scouts –

Of dangers wary.


Intrepid settlers –

New lives to make –

Establishing their homesteads –

With plough and rake.


Soon this land –

Settled –

Will be wild –

No more.


(44 Words)




dVerse: Quadrille #96: Wild Monday








Image result for secret document free image

Fingerprints taken, photos made –

In anticipation of the secrets – to you conveyed.

Sign the documents, your oath to keep –

Not to utter a word, not as much as a peep.

Knowledge is power –

And power is not to be shared –

The secrets you hold  –

To “need to know” only –

Ever shall be declared.

It is the state of things –

In the now and here –

It’s a lot of hassle –

About a recipe for beer.




Poetics: Shhhh! Do you Want to Know a Secret?






Reflections of Indecision


Poses, Female, Education, Posing

image: Pixabay

How shall I proceed?

Which way shall I turn?

Life seemed so simple –

As last year did turn.

A new decade starting,

My path – now unsure,

Is this what’s meant when they say –

The youth’s dreams won’t endure?

Is this what it’s really like –

To become mature?

Things are no longer simple.

They are all now too complex.

So shall it be left or right?

What should I do next?




Written for d’Verse Soliloquy

To Kill the Witch Queen

Witch, Black Cat, Broom, Halloween, Dark

image: Pixabay


That is how you’ll kill the Witch Queen.

Its not by water, or by burning

For Oz had it wrong, and Salem did too

It has nothing to do with a ruby shoe

For the witches in Disney, they too are flawed

Rarely does their MO – poisoned apples involve

No to rid yourself of witches

And evil step mothers too

Just kill them with kindness

It’s the least you can do




Written for d’Verse Poetics: Last Lines

The prompt:  “Choose a book that is physically close to you right now. Ok, it might not be the first one within reach. I will never know. Turn to the LAST page. Read the last one or two lines. Let these words stir your poetic soul and write a poem. Grab your cookbook, encyclopedia (if you still own one), novel, poetry book, biography, magazine, instruction manual, whatever your heart desires.”

The book near at hand was the ebook Song of Shadows by Sylvia Mercedes.  The last line is “That is how you will kill the Witch Queen.”