A Mersey Moment

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My wife and I made a brief stop next to the Mersey Ferry. We were able to watch the waterfront touristy stuff going on and got a close up view of the Liver Birds and the Fab Four.

Padre’s Ramblings

Add in a few kings, a memorial to the Titanic and you have a great hop off mini tour.


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Lavenham, Suffolk

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I had not been to historic Lavenham since before the pandemic. As my wife and I needed to run an errand in Sudbury, it seemed a great chance to take a peek.

The Church of St Peter and St Paul is majestic on one end of town and from there the road carries the visitor into the past.

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The Swan is a great hotel/watering hole and gives good views to other sights in the town as well. As is usual arriving later in the day in the holiday season, parking is a bit tight. Given a little patience, however, a spot can be found.

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While this was a flying visit I look forward to returning and taking in Long Melford as well.


River Festival ’22

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Assembled by the river

Summer to celebrate

Dragon boats and food stalls

A tremendous whole-town fete

Market vendors plying their trade

And sunshine human bait

To draw the crowds to the banks

Revenue to generate


Bedford River Festival

A Breath of Nature

I was recently at a conference in Manchester. The return journey afforded my wife and I the opportunity to take in the Peak District. Seeing that we live in the Brecks and are bordered by the Fens, the chance to see anything taller than a couple hundred of feet above sea level made a nice scenic change.

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I particularly liked the dry stone walls, and the tranquillity of the pasture lands. Yes, we have sheep and cattle in East Anglia too, but the stone enclosures are so much more attractive than wire fencing.

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Padre’s Ramblings
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In rugged lands

Where soil is thin

Sheep graze in pastures

Beset by wind

Yet, there are those hearty

Who their livings make

In conditions that

Others would break


Poole and Swanage Snapshots

Boat Traffic – Padre’s Ramblings

Bournemouth provided a great opportunity to explore more of the surrounding area by sea. There were boat trips available from the Bournemouth Pier which explored not only the immediate bay, but the Jurassic Coast and the towns of Poole and Swanage.

Jurassic Coast 1
Jurassic Coast 2
Jurassic Coast 3
History Centre
Customs House
Poole Museum
Poole Museum
Poole Museum
Sea Views

And of course all sea journeys help to give you an appetite!

Prawn Salad – Pier Cafe and Bistro



Bournemouth Pier from the Observation Wheel (Padre’s Ramblings)

My wife and I had a nice visit to the seaside while I was attending a union conference. Bournemouth has an interesting combination of beaches and the usual British coastal amusements and a very hilly terrain which for someone more familiar with Great Yarmouth was a bit of an adjustment.

We stayed at the Hilton which we found very welcoming and convenient especially as it has its own parking. We had a meal at a lovely southern African restaurant called Zimbraai which my wife enjoyed as a “taste of home” and took our other dinners in the hotel’s own Schpoons and Forx restaurant which had lovely attentive service and a really friendly manager who is from Italy. The room was large and clean and had both a fridge and a spacious safe that was large enough to store laptops, etc.

Bournemouth Observation Wheel (Padre’s Ramblings)

The Observation Wheel is directly in front of the pier on Bournemouth Beach. Tickets are £6, or £5 for seniors, and the views are good making it a nice little addition to the seaside visit.

Land Train (Padre’s Ramblings)

There is a land train which runs both east and west along the seafront from Bournemouth Pier and which stops also at the Boscombe Pier. An all day adult ticket is £6.50 and does allow some easy and inexpensive transport along the attractions on the beach.

Pier from the Land Train (Padre’s Ramblings)

The Bournemouth Oceanarium is one of those attractions which I guess makes the seaside the seaside. This aquarium has a number of exhibits and sports such things as clown fish, sharks, and penguins. It costs £14.50 (adults) or £12.50 (seniors), family ticket are also available.

Penguins (Padre’s Ramblings)
Oceanarium (Padre’s Ramblings)

Add in an ice cream on the beach, and I think we have a complete seaside adventure (I will write about the boat trip to Poole in another post).



Climate Change, Drought, Climate, Dry



By clouds beset

Dark skies

Puddles in the making

Where are such English summer days

With these strange sunny days

And long spells of baking?

Are you sure this is Blighty old

Or am I somehow mistaking?


Reflections on the English weather of late.


Public Domain

The drums have beat the muster call

To form upon the green

And we shall march to Tilbury

To stand with our queen

We shall see off the Spaniard foe

Who dare defile our land

We for harth and for our church

Will make a heroic stand