Sanhedrin Address: Acts Poem 23

Acts 23
image from Trust Believe

There were those in Jerusalem called Sadducees

They believed not in heaven and eternal life

Which is a state sad you see

Living just for this world full of strife

Paul himself a Pharisee, from that sect he did come

He told the Sanhedrin of Christ arisen

And of everlasting life to be won

A dispute arose so acrimonious

That soldiers were called lest Paul’s body would be rent

And soon after Paul from the Lord

Was told he to Rome would be sent



Acts Poem for February based on Acts 23.

Tomb (ABP 12)

“Where were you? 

Why did you delay?

If you had only been here –

He would have been saved.”*


“I have come in the fullness of time.

Lazarus shall not remain in the grave

His tomb only prefigures mine

And by it – more than Lazarus I will save.”


From Adam to Abraham, Abraham to David,

From David to Zerubbabel and beyond,**

We too like Lazarus – were dead in our sin

But by Jesus’s grave we have won.



August Bible Poem 12

John 11*

Matthew 1, Luke 3**