unknown person holding brown and black textile
Bob Wilson at Unsplash

No cosmetic conceit by the knots worn

Each strand of fringe a commandment borne

Reminders of a covenant made

A chosen people marked by the tallit displayed

And as it donned with accompanying prayer

The heart of wearer for G-d’s presence prepares


dVerse: Edges and Fringes

Conspiracy and Process: Acts Poem 25

Herod Agrippa II.jpg
Herod Agrippa – Public Domain

Rome’s new man to Judea came

And the Council, Paul’s life sought to end

A petition they to the governor made

A favour they asked, for Paul to Jerusalem send

For an ambush had been arranged

To carry out the murderous deed

But the official, judicious was

And to them he did say

“You come with me to Caesarea,

And we will examine the things you claim you made.”

And there with Paul he found no fault,

But a second opinion Festus did seek

So Paul before Agrippa appeared

And he too, saw the charges were weak

But since an appeal to Caesar had been made

The law on the topic was clear

Paul to Rome must next journey

And before the Emperor appear


Acts Poem 25 from Acts 25.

Jerusalem Bound: Acts Poem 21

Jerusalem Temple


Paul said to Jerusalem he must go

And Agabus warned he would be in two ways be Jerusalem bound

But prophecy did not deter the Apostle from his mission – the gospel to expound

With tears the saints did bid Paul with them to stay

But onwards he did go to complete his ministry


February Acts Poem 21 from Acts 21

Macedonian Call: Acts Poem 16

The jailer woke up to see the prison doors wide open. He assumed the prisoners had escaped, so he drew his sword to kill himself. But Paul shouted to him, ‘Stop! Don’t kill yourself! We are all here!’ The jailer called for lights and ran to the dungeon and fell down trembling before Paul and Silas. Then he brought them out and asked, ‘Sirs, what must I do to be saved?’ – Slide 8
Philippian Jailer – Free Bible Images

In Troas a dream of significance

Groundwork for Europe’s salvation laid

A Macedonian in a dream

Beckoned Paul to come and his people aid

So the Word of the Lord

Into Greek lands was carried

But it was not long before the saint

Was by opposition harried

Into gaol he was cast, but even there he prayed

And a earthquake great his bonds broke

And convert of a Philippian jailer made


Acts Poem 16 from Acts 16 for February

Council: Acts Poem 15

James the Just, whose judgment was adopted in the Apostolic Decree of Acts 15:19–29, Public Domain

In Jerusalem a council held

Important decisions to be made

Apostles and elders gathered there

To discuss who should be saved

It was in a sense a task redundant

As it was a call the Spirit had already made

As Paul had baptised Gentiles of faith

And Peter too with Cornelius a foundation laid

And so circumcision of the flesh was not a requirement given

For the circumcision of the heart

Was all that’s needed to enter Heaven



Poem 15 from Acts 15 for February’s Acts Poems

By Superstition Guided: Acts Poem 14

The Sacrifice at Lystra by Raphael, Public Domain

A superstitious and fickle crowd

A healing miracle observed

And they believed that by gods they had been visited

So sacrifices they then proffered

And when Saul corrected the misconception plain

They still could not comprehend

And jealous rivals opinion did sway

And so they against Saul did turn

And stoned him there and then

Left for dead he did survive

And God’s people to him did attend


Poem 14 from Acts 14 – Acts Poems for February

Upright: Acts Poem 7

Stoning of Saint Stephen, by Jacopo & Domenico Tintoretto – Public Domain

A testimony bold by an upright man

A martyr’s fate soon to recieve

A history of a people related

To urge his accusers to believe

He was prepared to stand steadfast

No matter what consequences on Earth it might bring

For he was prepared to declare the truth

Of his risen everlasting King

And when the crowd in rage rose

Jesus from His throne did too

And welcomed His servant to His side

As stones and insults the mob threw


Poem 7 of the February Acts Poems based on Chapter 7.

Threats and Encouragement: Acts Poem 4

San Barnaba.jpg
Barnabas by Anonimo Lombardo – Public Domain

John and Peter – ordered not to speak

“There will be trouble – if that’s what you seek”

Of such troubles – their community did not despair

For they worked together – for each other’s care

Belongings shared – so all had some

Barnabas an example – “Encouragement’s Son”

And so the fledgling church –

Though in official displeasure’s receipt

They like Barnabas – joyfully laid blessings –

At the Apostle’s feet


Acts 4 – Poem four for February 4th.

My Stand

Man Wearing Gray and Red Armour Standing on the Streets

I will make my stand

And though I’ll be tested

I will hold my ground

And not be bested

The principles that I hold dear

Shall not be abandoned because of human fear

So here I will stand

I shall not shirk

My Sovereign’s charge

Fulfil, as I do His work


Gold and Silver, I Have None: Acts Poem 3

Coins, Old, Roman, Gold Coins, Antique

A beggar waited – alms to receive

His hunger and hardship to relieve

Simon Peter passed by there

What the man was to get was beyond compare

“Gold and silver, I have none,

But be healed through God’s only Son.”

And so the lame did walk again,

God’s power manifest

And the Good News of salvation – He did send.


Based on Acts Chapter 3. This is the third of my 28 poems on Acts for February.