Family Affair

Family reunion – remembering a bygone day

Of childhood experiences and places we stayed

Aunts, cousins, mothers and an in-law or two

For a brief reuniting for hours too few

But the love and connections

Rekindled and affirmed

We depart with new memories

And secrets we’ve learned


The Talk

Cottonbro at Pexels

She sat there seemingly innocent and pure

But Grandmother asked just to be sure –

“Sweetie, has your maiden-flower been plucked?”

“Nan, are you asking if I’ve been f*cked?”

Her grandmother seemed shocked by the phrase

“What’s wrong Nan? That’s how we say it these days.

And as far as the act, I didn’t say I had or I wouldn’t.”

Nan piped in “You’re so young you shouldn’t.”

“Don’t you thing that should be up to me?

After all I’m legal, single and free.”


When Seasons Pass

Family Pic from Padre’s Ramblings

They say there is an order to things

Seasons pass and chapters end

But when it comes to human life

Our hearts – the change does rend

We are in our spirits sore

A sadness upon us does descend

But God’s love for us still abides

And in time will help us mend


Written at the passing of my father

Comfort Never Puerile

Mother, Woman, People, Kid, Baby, Child, Hug, Love

The comfort

Of a loved one’s hugs

Is never a puerile thing –

Though a parent’s arms

May memories of childhood’s

Peace and tranquillity bring.

And a lover’s warm embrace

An adult world can help you –

Bravely face –

Moments united against all fears

Their cheek against your face


Prompt’s: Student’s word of the day – Puerile

Fandango’s FOWC with Fandango — Comfort

Heading To Night

Paint Chip Poetry

In a cabin in the woods  –

As from Summer to Autumn time bends

The cotton blossom has all been picked –

Leaving but bare brown stems.

The family together  – safe secure

With trust in God and one another

The changing seasons brings no fear

And as the sun begins to set – heading to night,

As the night owl begins her evening flight

Our family hold each other warm and tight



Paint Chip Poetry #43: Prompt – To Night by Percy Bysshe Shelley.  “Our paint chip words and phrases are cabin in the woods, deviled eggscottonAquariusblossom, showtime, and night owl. The bonus angel card is trust . . . .  Use however many of these words and phrases you want. I don’t plan to use them all this week, just to mix things up a bit.”


Mama, Children, Dance, Fun, Family, Baby

They say there are the haves

And yet others that have yachts

Then there are the most of us

That are the have nots

But if that is the way we measure our net wealth

Aren’t we devaluing things like love and our good health?

Look at your children as they go about their play

Do they know you love them at the end of the day?

It isn’t about the computer screens,

Or the toys with which they play

It is hearing your encouragement,

And feeling the security within the home where they stay

It need not be a mansion, or stately manor vast

It just needs to be a loving home,

In which that love does last



Hongkong, Hk, Salami, Glossary, Store


I don’t know what they are so upset about. It’s not like it’s unusual these days, Gregor fumed to himself.  Family traditions are stupid anyway.  Isn’t this a free country?

But upset they were at his abandoning of a tradition that dated back to even before family’s arrival from the old country over a century before.  Gregor Gregorson had arrived with his father back in 1904, and set up a small butcher’s shop near the town centre.  Ever since then, the family had maintained its identity as Gregorson’s Fine Meats.   Six generations of Gregor Gregorson’s had provided the community with the highest quality meat.  

Gergor the Ninth, now a father himself, had thrown the family into chaos.  Not only had he married a vegan, but now he was stepping away from the family firm to open a green grocer’s, of all things.   If that was not enough of a shock, he made matters worse with his son’s name.   Yes, how could the family ever forgive him for naming the family’s future head – Gregory?




Play Date

MorgueFIle March2020  b8609bb286958f154ff5c03730f61fc4

MorgueFIle March2020 b8609bb286958f154ff5c03730f61fc4

“I really don’t believe this,” Barbara said in exasperation.

“Just keep looking,” her husband, Dan urged.

“I am,” she snapped, her irritation at the situation rising.

“Are you sure this is the right area?” Dan’s sister, Karen asked.

“Yes, Honey, it’s right where Jeff Junior said,” her partner assured her.

“Well we better hurry up,” Barbara huffed.  “The sun’s setting and the tide’s coming in.  I can’t believe Little Jeff would have buried his own cousin in the sand like this, and then leave her!”


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Gratitude for Our Inherited Traits

Banana Split, Banana, Ice, Dessert, Suites, Sundae


Some things they say in a family runs

Great bakers, intuition, or having green thumbs

Be it mommy’s key lime or grandma’s hydrangeas,

or the mystical talent for just knowing strangers

But the best inheritance of all

Is being taught the good taste

To eat banana split ice cream

And filling our face




Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #27

Using a title word – gratitude, the terms – banana splitkey limemystical, and grandma’s hydrangeas, and the theme “It runs in the family”