This Won’t Take Long

Black Hills – Creative Customs

The couple stared into each other’s eyes, and held hands.  A more pronounced public display seemed inappropriate as there were hundreds of onlookers nearby.

“George, I really wish you didn’t have to go.”

“Libbie, you know this is what I do.  But this won’t take long.”

“I know, but I have had to share you with the job for the last twelve years.  Isn’t there anyone else that could handle it this time?” Elizabeth asked almost imploringly.

“Libbie, you know I can’t do that.  Think of my reputation.”

“But Marcus could use the experience.  Say you have delegated it to him so that he can secure promotion later.”

“Libbie, you know better than that.”

She frowned and then nodded.  “Okay, but you’re sure it won’t take long?”

“No time at all,” George said, giving her a light stroke on the cheek.  And with that, George Armstrong Custer led the men of the Seventh Cavalry from Fort Abraham Lincoln to pursue and round up Sitting Bull and his men.


Inspiration Call: Character Development Thursday: Write a poem or story that starts with two people saying goodbye.