On To Rome: Acts Poem 28

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Malta, Syracuse, and on to Italy

Then to Rome for a two year stay

In the presence of the Praetorian Guard

Paul taught both Jew and Gentile every day

Of the kingdom of God, and Moses’ law he did preach

And from the things the Prophets did say

Of Jesus’ salvation he tried them to persuade

So that they might find the way


Acts Poem 28 for February 28th.

Journey: Acts Poem 27

Wave, Huge, Wild, Ocean, Water, Nature

Paul, Rome-ward bound

Travelling the great Mediterranean Sea

When a great storm arose

To batter the saint and his company

The vessel on which they were embarked

Was being broken to pieces

And ropes were lowered to bind the planks

In hope of making the beaches

No calming of the storm did come

For Paul was but a man

But the entire party was nonetheless spared

In keeping with God’s greater plan


Acts poem 27 for February from Acts 27.

Teachings Iron-clad: Acts Poem 26

Paul – Creative Commons

Paul his testimony, he did relate

Behind the palace’s heavy gates

Of his fervour as a youth

And his Damascus Road experience

When he learned the truth

He spoke of his mission to Abraham’s seed

And to Gentiles too, who of God were in need

And of the resurrection

God’s greatest deed

Festus remarked learning had made Paul mad

But Paul said that Agrippa could vouch

That the things he spoke were iron-clad

The interview finished, the king impressed

And Paul prepared for his imperial test


Acts Poem 26 from Acts 26

Conspiracy and Process: Acts Poem 25

Herod Agrippa II.jpg
Herod Agrippa – Public Domain

Rome’s new man to Judea came

And the Council, Paul’s life sought to end

A petition they to the governor made

A favour they asked, for Paul to Jerusalem send

For an ambush had been arranged

To carry out the murderous deed

But the official, judicious was

And to them he did say

“You come with me to Caesarea,

And we will examine the things you claim you made.”

And there with Paul he found no fault,

But a second opinion Festus did seek

So Paul before Agrippa appeared

And he too, saw the charges were weak

But since an appeal to Caesar had been made

The law on the topic was clear

Paul to Rome must next journey

And before the Emperor appear


Acts Poem 25 from Acts 25.

Before Felix: Acts Poem 24

Antonius Felix.jpg
Antonius Felix – Public Domain

Before Felix – Paul pled his case

Revealing the accusations

Were not the case

For the temple he did not defile

But he merely worshiped as was his style

But the leaders a riot incited

Because their hearts were benighted

And the governor – who knew the Way

Deferred judgement for some other day


Acts Poem 24 from chapter 24.

Sanhedrin Address: Acts Poem 23

Acts 23
image from Trust Believe

There were those in Jerusalem called Sadducees

They believed not in heaven and eternal life

Which is a state sad you see

Living just for this world full of strife

Paul himself a Pharisee, from that sect he did come

He told the Sanhedrin of Christ arisen

And of everlasting life to be won

A dispute arose so acrimonious

That soldiers were called lest Paul’s body would be rent

And soon after Paul from the Lord

Was told he to Rome would be sent



Acts Poem for February based on Acts 23.

No Mean City: Acts Poem 22

Paul Arrested – Public Domain

Paul did his story tell

How he had repented from the path of Hell

And stated then clear as day

That he was a citizen of a great city

His statement had meanings three

As from Tarsus great he did hail

He was a citizen of lofty Rome as well

But the greatest city he could declare

Was as a subject of God’s Kingdom of the air

For of all cities none can compare

To the one with God’s throne residing there


Acts Poem 22 based on Acts 21 and 22.

Jerusalem Bound: Acts Poem 21

Jerusalem Temple


Paul said to Jerusalem he must go

And Agabus warned he would be in two ways be Jerusalem bound

But prophecy did not deter the Apostle from his mission – the gospel to expound

With tears the saints did bid Paul with them to stay

But onwards he did go to complete his ministry


February Acts Poem 21 from Acts 21

Eutychus: Acts Poem 20

Public Domain

A sermon like all too many

Caused a deep sleep

And an weary disciple fell from his seat

And out the window he did fall

Causing dismay to one and all

But Paul comforted and stifled alarm

For Eutychus he said had come to no harm

For though he was clearly dead

The healing Spirit raised him

So the saints gave thanks

Then broke bread


Acts Poem 20 from Chapter 20.

By Names Implored: Acts Poem 19

Sons of Sceva – contribution of
E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation.

When with the powers occult you play

Be careful of the things you say

The sons of Sceva this hard lesson were shown

When they invoked names they had not known

Demons on them did turn

It was a frightening way to learn

Leave the spiritual fights to the Lord

And trust Him alone and His word


Poem 19 from Acts 19 for February