The Ring

Jewelry, Gold Ring, Golden Ring


It was a Coup de Foudre, the viewing of the ring.  The sumptuous coil of gold, melded with subtle hints of silver.  This was no mere souvenir of the journey to Venice, but a true Renaissance masterpiece of a long-dead master.

Hillary could just imagine him in his leggings and pantaloons, proudly holding his creation between thumb and forefinger to accentuate its lustre to his patron.  

How the craftsman would have smiled as patted the coins tucked into his no longer empty pouch.  The smile clearly mirrored by Hillary as she slid the crisp Euros across the counter to make the magnificent ring her own.




Wordle #208












Coup de Foudre– “love at first sight”

Quick Thinking

Castle, Knight'S Castle, Tower, Castle Castle

This isn’t right, the black-clad ninja thought as he opened his eyes.

He vaguely remembered mounting the battlements, and then being pushed backwards off of the wall.  In desperation he had grabbed hold of the warrior that had shoved him, and the two fell together to the ground below.  Somehow, he had managed to land on top of the soldier, who was definitely dead, his head turned at a grotesque angle. 

As the ninja came to his senses, he could tell that the defenders were combing through the bodies at the base of the wall, retrieving their fallen and mercilessly dispatching their foes. 

The assassin quickly began to undress and to strip the armour and equipment from the man who had accompanied him on his fall.   As he removed his own britches, agonising pain shot through his entire body, and he could see the jagged bone of his left leg protruding through the skin.  He nevertheless completed the task at hand, and donned the garb of the other man.  His ribs also gave him pain, as he pulled on the jerkin.  He pulled his own clothes onto the corpse, and then feigned unconsciousness on top of the body.

A few moments later, he let out an uncontrolled scream, when he was nudged in the leg by the boot of one of the burial party.

“Call the medic,” the man shouted.  “We have a live one.”

The man then stooped down over the ninja.

“Who are you?” the man asked in Ralulee, gazing uncertainly at the ninja’s features.

“I Sealandian Mercenary,” he replied, doing his best to remember the Ralulee phrase for ‘soldier of fortune.’

“You took a hell of a fall,” the man said, lightening up a little.

“He grab me – take down me,” he replied, trying to stress a Sea-Land’s accent.”

“Well help is coming,” the man said.  “We will get you to the infirmary in no time.”

The ‘mercenary’ only really understood the word ‘help’, and ‘infirmary,’ but under the circumstances it sounded perfect to him.

Soon, he was being carried on a stretcher through the gates, into the fortress that he had attempted to storm the night before.  What are the chances, he thought to himself.  Why didn’t I think of something like this in the first place?



School, Homework, Education, Girl
Image by Helmut H. Kroiss from Pixabay 

“Mom, what’s zany mean?” Alice asked.

“Funny in a slap-stick kind of way.  Like I Love Lucy.”

“Is that the black and white one with all the canned laughter?”

“Yes, with the silly wife, and the husband that owns a night club.”

“Okay I think I got it now.  Thanks.”

Vocabulary homework: Zany – Tired forced comedy that only the TV laughs at.


Weekend Writing Prompt #176 – Zany in 62 words


Elephant, Tusks, Forest, Trees, Grass, Animal, Mammal

“I think we lost them,” Alex the meerkat said.

“Are you sure?” Jumba asked.

“Yes, I think we jumped behind this tree in the knick of time.”

“Thank goodness for that,” Jumba said.  “Those safari tourists really get on the nerves.  The thought of having my photo taken makes my tusks itch.”

“Well, no worries about that.  Even humans cant see through trees.”



The Space

Akatsiya, Tank, Weapon, Armor, Military

“And that’s final,” Edgar shouted as he closed the front door in his neighbour’s face.

“What was all that about?” his wife, Martha asked.

“That numbskull next door expects me to move the car.  He says that I am taking ‘his’ space in front of ‘his’ house. Well, I told him there are no assigned parking spots on this street, and it’s finders keepers.”

About an hour later, Martha came into the TV room and said, “Honey, that space you so vehemently argued over; I think you should move our car.”

“Why should I?” Edgar challenged in a cross tone.

“Well I think you should go have a look. John seems to have come up with a better argument than finders keepers.”



FOWC with Fandango — Vehement


Climbing, Climber, Mountain, Climb, Adventure, Sport

The remnant of the assault team made their way across the battlement.  The feint and its discovery had bought them time, but they needed to be quick.  Senior Trooper Hij took command being the senior surviving warrior following the ascent and initial encounters, but he quickly asserted authority over his nine remaining comrades.

“This is the tower,” he said in a whisper.  He and Trooper Ama were just try the entry door when it suddenly opened. 

There was a prolonged moment in which the young guard from within, carrying a pot of hot tea to the defenders on the battlements, stared in shock at the assault team.  The just has he began to call out, Ama severed his throat with a single stroke of his dagger. 

“We’re in then,” Hij said in a low voice, and he and his men entered the dimly lit passageway.   The passed two closed doors and then stood at a stairwell.

“If this map is right, we need to go down two flights and then we will be next to the Royal Chamber,” Hij said, and weapons in hand they made their way downwards, leaving Ama to watch their escape route. 

Hij and the others passed the next landing and a sailor named Ali was left to watch for any unwanted interruption from that level. 

Hij’s team then came to the floor where the Royal Chamber was.  Hij used a small hand mirror to peer around the corner.  There, outside an intricately carved doorway, were two sentries in the livery of the Sultan’s Guard. 

Hij turned to his remaining squad and held up two fingers.  Three members of the assault team returned their blades to their sheaths and took small crossbows from their backs.  His then pointed to one of the men and mouthed the word “right,” and then to another, mouthing “left.”  He then mouthed “misses,” indicating that the third man should reserve his shaft to complete the task.

“On three,” Hij mouthed and began a countdown on his fingers.

At the indicated moment the three crossbowmen rounded the corner and first two loosed their shafts.   Both struck home expertly.  But just as access to the chamber seemed assured, the sound of several sets of feet could be heard coming up the stairs from below. 

Hij and the five men with him on the stairway turned to meet the threat, and the crossbowman who had yet to loose stepped back into the landing in time to shoot the lead newcomer in the forehead as he mounted the stairs.  Six other men in the uniform of the Sultan’s Guard immediately rushed forward, while a seventh scurried downwards to sound the alarm. 

A melee soon ensued on the stairs, and as the original two crossbowmen struggled to reload, the door to the Royal Chamber opened and three additional Guardsmen emerged scimitars in hand.  The first bowman loosed a partially cranked charge into the first of these, and then swung at another with the weapon.  This was easily knocked aside, and the Guard cleft into the archer with an overhand cut. 

The second crossbowman dropped his weapon, and drew a dagger which he managed to drive into the belly of the Guard who had dispatched his comrade.  He then rolled and snatched the scimitar of the Guard he had just gutted.  In a brief encounter, both the remaining Guard and the crossbowman collapsed with mortal wounds which they had inflicted on each other.

On the stairway, Hij noted the outcome of the engagement outside the Royal Chamber and then ordered his men to make a fighting retreat up the stairs in the direction they had come.  On reaching the next floor they found that Seaman Ali had managed to close the door to that level and then use some pitons from his pouch to hold the door shut.  He joined them in the retreat as they passed, dropping one of the pursuing Guards himself with a thrown knife. 

By the time Hij reached Ama’s position only three of his other men remained.

“Run to the ropes,” Hij shouted.

Only he, Ali, and Ama managed to repel to the ground.  The others being either killed, or captured and later executed.

The mission to assonate the Pretender had failed.




Whiteboard, Man, Presentation, Write, Display, Explain

I will try to not deviate, but I will try to explain in an orderly fashion how I came to be where I am on this.  With the current state of the pandemic bringing about the dual challenge of limited access to venues and resources, and the economic impact that might well accompany it, the logical approach is to stick with the more mobile option, in which the changing situation can be accommodated while also not breaking the bank.  That said personal preference needs to be accounted for as well, as a generic option might well leave me with a feeling that my true needs are not being catered for, and make me seek alternatives at a later date which might entail additional movement into the community, with the associated contact with others in order to acquire a more satisfying and palatable alternative, which in turn would necessitate a greater drain of my uncertain financial resources.  Therefore, with this considered, I believe that the best course of action is to go for the grilled corned beef on German rye, with thousand island dressing, a kiss of mustard, and a thick slice of Polish dill pickle.


FOWC with Fandango — Deviate

The Weekend Shop

Shop, Store, Open, Shopping, Retail

The Weekend Shop was not your typical store.  First of all it was only open from 3 PM on Friday afternoon until 3 PM Sundays.  It carried a wide assortment of odd merchandise.  Much of it centred around weekend activities such as gardening and beach-going.   Customers could buy plastic buckets and spades for the kids, sunglasses, and beach towels.  Hedge trimmers, rakes, and ceramic planters also featured.  Once I even saw a set of 3-D glasses meant just for that perfect Saturday afternoon cinematic experience.  While all these goods might be found in more conventional retailers, what really set The Weekend Shop apart was its loyalty programme.   Regular customers could build-up credits towards the platinum ticket which converted any random Wednesday into a second Saturday.  Now that’s a deal!


Sunday Writing Prompt.- The Weekend Shop


silhouette of person on boat on sea during sunset
Photo by Damien DUFOUR Photographie on Unsplash


Jon was a stickler for always having the freshest food.  It was amazing the lengths he would go to, to get that “just right” flavour, when entertaining guests at his little “dinner parties.”

It was only just last week that he was seen at the crack of dawn, with his shopping trolley, in what he called the seafood aisle.

Well, you can’t fault him on his conscientiousness. 



Photo of Pumpkins
Photo by fotografierende from Pexels


It had started much like any other early autumn day, but it would prove to be anything but.  

John Farmer and his nephew, Charlie stopped off at Sally’s Diner like they did every Thursday on their way to market.   Ralph Hoggis was there as well for his three fried eggs, two sides of toast, and several refills of filter coffee.  Sheriff’s Deputy Sarah Cook was just finishing up two waffles with real maple syrup.

Little did they know that Lars Olsen had just pulled off the interstate, and was beginning to long incline into their sleepy little town.  Even Lars was not aware of the slow leak in the break-line of his Kenworth.  

Just as Olsen approached the intersection of Main Street and Lincoln, Mary Boyd entered the intersection with her school bus and its seventeen County Elementary students.  Olsen slammed on the breaks to avoid a collision, which he narrowly escaped, but the truck shimmied to the left crashing into the wall off the diner.  Thirty thousand pounds of produce was propelled into the eatery.

The day became infamous in the annals of the town.  It has ever since been remembered as the day that four of the communities citizens were squashed.