Floral Crescendo

Farm, Thatched Roofs, Cottage Garden

Spring advancing to summer

Blooms abound with colourful cheer

Gardens fill with delight

At the crescendo of the year

While winter is nice with its white pristine snow

This season is better with its spectacular floral show


Weekend Writing Prompt #212 – Crescendo in 37 words

Lavender Moment

Lavendar, Field, Green, Closeup

Hazy carpet
Scent enriching the air
Majestic lavender perfume
Found there
To brush
To crush or pick
Brings heavenly release
As the violet field yields bliss
For me
Join me
In my journey
Into the place of bloom
And we will share its sweet treasure


Colleen’s challenge is to “Pick a Flower” and using one of the syllabic forms we use, tell us why it is special to you.

Floral Tribute


A birthday remembered

A loved one’s passing marked

A token to brighten your day

Colours of beauty

The scent of perfume

All symbolised in a simple bouquet

The delicate petals

That uplift a room

Or comfort you when things are drear

A floral tribute

Lifts us up

A healing in a natural way


CCC #121

Where Are The Flowers?

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com

Where has that rose-scent – heady gone?

Has it dried and blown away?

Leaving just the husks left behind –

Like from Miss Havisham’s wedding day?

Or have they been picked with bright intent –

And now with tears – gone far away?

Like the blooms of which Pete Seeger sang

On tombstones now displayed

Where has that rose-scent – heady gone?

May they fresh in your vase be found –

Each day with enduring and pure emotion

And may you with your loved one dwell

Roses a symbol of an undying devotion






Photo Challenge #323