Castle Carvery

Padre’s Ramblings

I have on several occasions reviewed meals at various outlets of the Toby Carvery chain. With no Toby nearby, my wife and I decided to give the Castle Carvery chain a try. Since we were staying in Sprowston, the Castle at the Racecourse was ideally placed.

The carvery options and prices were very similar to Toby’s but the Castle also had a more extensive table menu as well. My wife had the standard 2 meats carvery (pork and beef on this occasion), while I had the veggie option which included a cheese topped vegetable dish which reminded my very much of moussaka.

The meats were well cooked, and the veg plentiful. It being the Christmas season Brussels sprouts were a feature, and with the addition of broccoli, and two types of cauliflower there was some risk of the Saffir-Simpson scale being used later, but all-in-all it was very nice.

The Racecourse has a bar area which we found a bit loud, but the dining room/carvery area was relaxed and comfortable. There is also a children’s play facility with ball pool, etc. attached to the pub.

This is a worthwhile pace for a filling, tasty dinner (or lunch) if in the Broads, and I would say it competes well with its Toby rivals.


Warm Comfort

As I sit before my bowl of porridge

Contemplating its warmth sublime

I can appreciate this simple pottage

So often under-rated at breakfast time

It is though so warm and filling

Both cold and hunger it does decrease

And on mornings like this one

It is a grand as any feast




Some say tomato

Or is that tomato?

Both are easier to say

Than Solanum lycopersicum

It’s described as a fruit

Well, at least by some

It is an argument as yet – still to be won

Placed is a sauce savory

And served as a veg

Is a better idea than with bananas

Or with a watermelon wedge


Truly Heroic

A long roll split, filled with cold-cuts and cheese

What do you call it, if you have one of these

For some it’s a hoagie, to another – a sub

But these terms in the Big Apple – folks tend to snub

For this dining delight there is a hero

All other names rank as a zero

So bring on the ham, pastrami, and Swiss cheese

And stack it all up as thick as you please


All A Matter of Perspective

Flatmates Dave and Tony had a simple agreement. Each Saturday Tony would buy a five pack of doughnuts on the way back from his run and put them in the kitchen. Dave was welcome to share them, with the only stipulation being that he leave the last one for Tony. This arrangement worked well enough for about a month. Then, one morning after earlier having two each, Tony went to make a cup of coffee and to have the last doughnut.

“Dave, did you eat the last doughnut?” he shouted irritably.

“No,” his roommate replied.

“Then where did it go?”

“You ate it,” Dave responded.


“This morning at breakfast,” Dave said.

“I never did!”

“Yes, you did. You see, when you brought them in and then went for your shower, I opened the box and reversed the order of the doughnuts. So, you ate the last one at breakfast, and I helped myself to the first one a little while ago. It’s all a matter of perspective.”