I need a coffee, but will settle for tea

I need to get some caffeine into me

Cappuccino or latte, they will do

Why are you waiting? Go start the brew

It’s not that I’m addicted

Or need to stay awake

Hey, where is that coffee

Hurry for heaven’s sake




Truly Heroic

A long roll split, filled with cold-cuts and cheese

What do you call it, if you have one of these

For some it’s a hoagie, to another – a sub

But these terms in the Big Apple – folks tend to snub

For this dining delight there is a hero

All other names rank as a zero

So bring on the ham, pastrami, and Swiss cheese

And stack it all up as thick as you please


All A Matter of Perspective

Flatmates Dave and Tony had a simple agreement. Each Saturday Tony would buy a five pack of doughnuts on the way back from his run and put them in the kitchen. Dave was welcome to share them, with the only stipulation being that he leave the last one for Tony. This arrangement worked well enough for about a month. Then, one morning after earlier having two each, Tony went to make a cup of coffee and to have the last doughnut.

“Dave, did you eat the last doughnut?” he shouted irritably.

“No,” his roommate replied.

“Then where did it go?”

“You ate it,” Dave responded.


“This morning at breakfast,” Dave said.

“I never did!”

“Yes, you did. You see, when you brought them in and then went for your shower, I opened the box and reversed the order of the doughnuts. So, you ate the last one at breakfast, and I helped myself to the first one a little while ago. It’s all a matter of perspective.”



Electric Beater, Appliance, Silhouette

It said it was instant on the label. All that was needed was for the requisite amount of chilled milk to be measured and added to a bowl and then the packet added to the milk. This then was to be supplemented with a sweetener of choice to the taste of your choice to be added before whipping on medium speed with a whisk or blender for two to three minutes. This is then to set (ideally chilled) before serving. I think someone needs to consult their dictionary on the definition of “instant.”


Instant with Fandango