Paper Umbrella

Orange, Straw, Umbrella, Ice, Drink

Paper umbrella, more than a toy

A symbol sophisticated and chic

Virgin colada or Shirley Temple sweet

In my glass it was a thing of mystic

How grown-up I would feel

A mocktail held to my lips

Paper umbrella pushed to the side

As I took my exultant sips


There was just something wonderful about those occasions when my parents would splash out for “big kid” drinks at birthdays or other special occasions.

Buffet Buffeted

– Brooke DiDonato

Liz and Don had their first real meal out since the beginning of Corona measures. The kids had been sent to Nana Suzie’s and they were free to check out the vegan buffet restaurant they had heard so much about.

They both enjoyed a first round of tasters, and Liz found the Cajun onion fritters and the cauliflower curry to be her favourites. Don, for his part, fell in love with the nine bean risotto.

After a wonderful meal, they headed home for an intimate evening of “cuddles,” while the kids were away. Don headed to the bedroom to light some candles for atmosphere, while Liz locked up. As she began her ascent she was given a stark reassurance that she had been right to tell Don that three servings of the risotto were enough.


Photo Challenge #335


Angel Food Cake, Macro, Food, Dessert, Homemade, Fresh

The rise of Western skepticism and atheism had taken it’s toll among the Heavenly Host. Put simply there wasn’t much of a market for guardian angels anymore.

Theoestel found the lack of activity stupefying, and sought permission from “higher up” to diversify. Taking human form, Theoestel acquired the lease to a small eatery and set out to make some heavenly delights “down to earth.”

Theoestel’s didn’t seem much of a name for a restaurant, so the liberty was taken to dub the eatery Michael’s. The truly heavenly cuisine soon made it the biggest “must try” establishment in all of London. While all of the food was absolutely delicious, it was Theoestel’s angel food cake that was beyond belief. Well after all, it was angel food.


Sunday Writing Prompt – The food in the new restaurant was delicious


silhouette of person on boat on sea during sunset
Photo by Damien DUFOUR Photographie on Unsplash


Jon was a stickler for always having the freshest food.  It was amazing the lengths he would go to, to get that “just right” flavour, when entertaining guests at his little “dinner parties.”

It was only just last week that he was seen at the crack of dawn, with his shopping trolley, in what he called the seafood aisle.

Well, you can’t fault him on his conscientiousness. 


Traditional Beef Wellington*

Boots, Wellington, Mud, Rubber, Dirt, Isolated, Dirty

The Beef Wellington is a classic British dish and is said to have been created to honour Arthur Wellesley, First Duke of Wellington.  


  • Ground Beef 2.2 pounds/ 1 kg
  • Egg 1
  • Onion 1 large
  • Carrots 2 large
  • Potato 1 large
  • Flour 1 cup
  • Beef Stock Cube 1
  • Salt to taste
  • Wellington 1 (size 4 to 5 is sufficient for most families)
  • Water to steam


Peel and dice the onion, carrot, and potato. Place veg into a large bowl and add the beef, flour, and salt.   Then add the egg and crumble the stock cube into the bowl.  Mix well (approximately three minutes).  Then spoon the mixture into a single Wellington (I find the left one works best).  When the Welly is filled, heat water into a large pot with a lid, or a steamer.  Clip the Welly closed (clothesline pegs work well for this) and add the Welly to the pot or steamer.  Cook for about 60 minutes.  When finished discard the beef mixture and serve the Wellington with a little salt.



*Fibbing Friday 11th September – This “recipe” was produced to answer the Fibbing Friday question – “What is the main ingredient in Beef Wellington?”  While it does not actually address the entire Fibbing Friday challenge, it was inspired by it.  As far as Beef Wellington goes, I do strongly suggest that this recipe be avoided, but hopefully appreciated in the spirit it was meant.


Aisle, Background, Buy, Clean, Food, Grocery

The pack says “Contains Four Servings,”

And surely – the case –  that must be –

If you have the appetite of an infant –

No older than the age of three

But I seek something filling

Nutrition for an adult – you see

So when it comes to those numbers

They never apply to me