Giants’ Respose

Autumn, Forest, Log, Moss, Leaf, Nature

Dark giants upon the loam prostrate lie

Clothed in robes of emeald green

Shadows incroach upon their slumber

As canopy roof hides them from the sky

How came these titans to here rest?

What labours prompted their long repose?

Was it feats of consequence grand

That fatigued them beyond the power to stand?


Nocturnal Glimpses

Night, Moon, Night Sky, Moonlight, Blue, Trees, Dusk

Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay  

Dark – Primeval
Moonlit – But Without Warmth
Chill Breezes Make Hairs Stand On End
As Haunting Owls’ Calls Pierce
The Nocturnal


Why Then
In Forest Dark –
At Night-time – Dare I Tread?
Forsaking The Sunshine’s Safety –
Filling My Heart With Dread –
While others are


I Pass
This Way In Hope
That I Might Chance To See
The Face Of A Fair Forest Sprite
And She In Turn See Me –
Then I Content
Will Be


But Sprites
You Say Are Myths –
Fables – Just Make Believe
But You Dearest One – Are The Sprite
The Vision Beautiful
That I So Long
To See