It wasn’t really that long ago, that vaguely remembered time that we call “before.” Before the pandemic, before Brexit; before – when we still had a queen. Where has that time gone? How have we arrived to this place we refer to a now, when the Pound is at an all time low, and politicians are rewarding millionaires for the accomplishment with tax cuts that are equivalent to the annual wages of two nurses. Don’t forget this is all in the name of “growth.” If this is growth, I would rather descend back to my “smaller” self, the one I was before.



Advanced beyond seamen

But not quite a chief

That in between level

Oft filled with grief

Petty in importance as well as in name

Still learning to lead and often a pain

In charge of a few things

In a limited domain

Pettiness personified

At least in the main



Sam was sitting on John’s front porch when the latter arrived home from school.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were sick. That’s what the teacher thought anyway.”

“No, I’m fine. I took the day off to do some real learning,” Sam replied.

“Real learning?”

“Yup, I went into the city to learn some culture,” Sam said proudly.

“Isn’t that what school’s about?” John asked.

“No, real culture. Check these out. I got them downtown,” Sam said unrolling a poster of some dogs playing pool.

“Umm, nice, I think,” John said hesitantly.

“If you like that you will love this download the shop keeper recommended,” Sam said pulling an ear-bud out and offering it to his friend.

John held it next to his ear, but the dissonant tones so grated on him that he handed it back immediately.

“Sam, next time you want to get a little culture, I recommend that you just buy a tub of yoghurt.”


Anger Personified


Turbulent, unpredictable

Subject to swings of mood

The sea is ever-changing

Incapable of being subdued

Oh, we think that with science and engineering

Building vessels that seem so concrete

That we are the masters

But that’s a fool’s conceit

Our human vanity will come to naught

When the ocean’s true anger we meet

That calm façade inviting

Is just to us a tease

For if you overstep the bounds

You will be punished by the seas


It’s All In the Presentation


Bill was a gambler, who made the mistake to affront

Big Mike the Giant, though Bill was a runt

Mike tossed our poor hero out of the saloon

Then doused him in the contents of a nearby spittoon

Bill always the showman, in the spittle did bathe

Then mounted his horse and left with a wave