In England the weather is a subject topical

Be it a Beast From The East

Or something more tropical

Whether it’s raining, or sunny,

Or will do harm to monkeys of brass

We’ll discuss the weather

With those we do pass


The Copy

One cannot say it is but a copy

For the original was rather sloppy

With drips and smudges

And handwriting bad

But it was the only source he had

So, the monk did set to work

And from the challenge he did not shirk

After a month and another three days

He produced a copy that did amaze

With lettering clear – sharp and crisp

And his illuminations did not miss


Blocked and Stopped

It wasn’t a normal day in Santa’s workshop

All the work had come to a full stop

It was all because of the strike

Brought by the E. L. F. the proceeding night

The Elven and Leprechaun Federation had had enough

Of labouring for just cocoa and other sweet stuff

They wanted and demanded better conditions too

Like paid vacation for a week or two

That Nick is a shrewd negotiator

For he gave them phased concessions

Starting a date next year and others even later