The Party

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

The Party


“We will be back on Sunday night,” Mom said, “You boys behave yourselves – and no parties.  Do you understand me?”


“Yes Ma’am,” David and Gregg replied and their parents picked up their bags.


“We will be at the Excelsior. The number is on the fridge,” Dad said over his shoulder as he and his wife made their way to the car.


“PAR-TEE,” Gregg said excitedly as he watched the Volvo disappear down the street.


“Okay, but we need to make some rules.  This can’t be an ‘open house’,” David said.


“Sure, like what?” Gregg asked.


“You invite five friends, and I will do the same.  No one else can come in unless they bring their own beer, or – or if it’s a hot girl,” David suggested.


“Oh, yes!” his seventeen-year-old brother replied.


By eight Saturday evening, Stuart and Tom, their best friends had arrived, as did about seven other lads, plus five girls between sixteen and nineteen.


The music was blasting but things were controlled.


At nine a couple of guys approaching twenty arrived.  The boys didn’t know them but they were carrying a case of Carlsberg Pilsner.  


“Is this where the party’s at?” the one who introduced himself as Brian asked.


“Yep,” Gregg said looking at the incoming beer.


Even at ten o’clock things were under control.  Then at five minutes past two girls arrived.  They seemed to be perhaps eighteen, but both carried themselves with an assured bearing which gave them an air of sophistication well beyond their years.


“I’m Toni,” the first said with a voice which dripped sex-appeal.


“And I’m Tori,” the other said with a wink, “We’re twins.”


David looked at the long bronzed legs which led up to Toni’s very short shorts, and then at the amply filled blue-green halter top. “Welcome,” he muttered.


Tori gave another wink to Gregg, and then took his hand.  “Aren’t you going to show me in?”


Gregg gulped, and then said, “This way.” As he took the first step into the house, she placed his hand onto her bottom which was barely covered by a revealing green and blue dress. “Just lead the way,” she said with yet another wink.


The brothers led the twins into the lounge and took the centre seats of the sofa, with Tori and Toni seated on either side.


How could such devastatingly beautiful women be interested in us?  David thought.


“Don’t be silly,” Toni said as if she had read his mind and then pulled him closer and rejoined their kiss.


“We have come here just for you,” Tori purred.  “It is like destiny.”


Time seemed to have stood still and the brothers lost all perception of what was happening around them.


They didn’t see when Brian and his mate, Andy left at five minutes to twelve.  Nor did they see the massive green and blue fireball that swept through the residence at the stroke of midnight, consuming all of their other guests.


The brothers were entranced by the twins, and lost almost all memory of  what followed.


It was six-thirty in the evening when the brothers awoke to the sound of their parents’ return.  All around them was total destruction.  Furniture was scorched, piles of ash were heaped in various places, one of them with a dental retainer on top of it, and many with beer cans or bottles lying next to them.


The brothers looked at the scene of desolation with utter terror and disbelief.


There was no sign of the twins, however, except for a blue green halter that David had tightly clutched in his hand.  Gregg had a vague memory of Tori giving him a kiss on the cheek and saying, “That was delicious, but I need to go now,”  and Toni saying, “It was exactly what we needed.”  He couldn’t quite remember how or when the pair had left, however.


“What happened here?” their father asked in a trembling voice.


Haunted Wordsmith Prompts

Prompt A (emotional challenge): fright

Prompt B (sentence starter): “What happened here?”

Prompt C (photo): Above