Gardening 101

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The latest gadget for mowing my lawn

It works without supervision from the crack of dawn

And when it comes to weed control

There’s no half measures, it does the whole

And it functions on the cheap

But it does tend to distract the sheep


Bird Bath

Pigeon, Birds, Animals, Gray Color, Paris, France

As from my window I chanced to peek

I spied a pigeon dip its beak

Into my pond ornamental

But the bird did fail to settle

And stepped too far onto the pond weed

‘Twas not dy land as the fowl percieved

So in shock it did flap and shake

Having discovered too late its big mistake


Really humourous to watch a very plump pigeon fall into my garden pond. Nature provides some great entertainment.

Spring Labour

Bird, Robin, Tree, Red Breast, Songbird

Spring has now fully come

And like wee birds it’s time to the garden return

There is so much to do

Winter waste remove and soil to turn

There are bulbs to nuture

And new saplings to guide and train

And all within the timespan

Between those spring-tyde rains

But when all is completed

And pots and bed-plants in rows

We can for just that moment

Sit back and enjoy it grow


Garden (ABP 6)

Pathway, Path, Pink Tulips, Tulips


A space enclosed – attended

Tamed – yet in its essence wild

Impression of a wilderness

But loving cared for like a child*

These realms of green haven

Illusions designed by our own intent

Of something long lost primeval

A perfection from which we were sent**




*Genesis 2:15

**Genesis 3:23-24


August Bible Poem 6