Gothic 22: Maiden

Twas the ship’s maiden voyage

And a maiden too was me

On that fateful evening 

When I first went to sea

How could I have known

That on that night I’d die

So I wander here upon shore

Seeking the answer as to why

If you spy me on the sand

Do not fright and run away

And if you feel my clammy touch

I only wish for you to stay

And if my cold fingers grip you

I do not mean to offend

I am only taking you seaward

To be my forever friend



Gothic 20: Shadows

Hoodie, Sweater, Dark, Night, Evening, Shadows, People

Shadows – corners where there is no light

The recesses where your hackles rise –

When near them – you dare to go

The unknown – there from prying eyes hide

Prepared from their lair to explode

Shadows – corners devoid of light

The dark of hallways dim

A realm where you should not tread

A place when phantoms live



Gothic 18: All Hallows’ Eve

Ghost, Halloween, Horror, Bride, White, Death

All Holies’ Day is not yet here

A year has passed since the last one

And now the saintly power gives way to fear

As Teens play with evil just for fun

Late into the evening they shall walk

Lighted pumpkins before the doors

Laughing at powers of which they baulk

Little understanding their horrors

As on them night closes like a pall

Adorned in masks, they think disguise

Aware not of the presence mal

Among them those Teens unwise

So in their revelry they shall go

Still unaware of the risks

Surprised they shall be when they come to know

Strong cold fingers seizing their wrists


A little mood setting for Halloween in the form of a Trolaan (a poem consisting of 4 quatrains. Each quatrain begins with the same letter. The rhyme scheme is abab, and each successive stanza beginning with second letter of the previous stanza.

Gothic 16: Girl at the Gate

Gothic, Woman, Fantasy, Female, Model, Young, Portrait

Did you see her standing there

By the gate along the way?

Many a traveler says they have

But seldom by the light of day

And for those that do – icy tingles shoot

Along the length of their spine

And though they see her standing there

For others – there is of her no sign

Are you one of the chosen few

To be summoned by the mistress of the gate?

If you are wise you should move quickly by

Before it is too late


The Vault

Blanket, Church Ceiling, Baroque, Old, Structure

The vault chamber was as one might imagine.  It had granite walls, a high arched-ceiling, and an oaken door a full two inches thick.  Cuthbert could think of no place he would feel more secure for the night in this entire creepy castle.  He bolted the door and settled in, unaware of the glowing eyes above.


Weekend Writing Prompt #180 – Vault in 56 words