Yuletide Robbery

Pirate, Actor, Costume, Portrait


On crisp winter’s morning –

Nearing on to Christmas Day –

Everything was silent,

But for a lone horse’s neigh.

“Nay.  Quiet now Beauty,

We have quarry for to prey,”

Was said in a whisper

By the highwayman, Dray.

The coach – it approach-ed

None on board was aware,

Until “Stand and Deliver,”

Matthew Dray did declare.

A lady – she swooned,

And the dandy – he did quake,

Many were the entreaties

Those gentlefolk did make.

“Your purses now, please,”

Said the blaggard –  pleas ignoring,

The driver sat silent – his options exploring.

Then as swift as it had started,

It now was all done,

Dray rode off northwards,

With a wave of his gun.



Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip : homophones

The sets this week are:
nay – no
neigh – a horse’s cry


plea – cries for help
please – good manners