Summertime has come again

And holidays are around the bend

Car journeys and day trips will increase

And with them one question will not cease

For from the backseat you will hear

“Are we there yet; is it near?”

You might respond and say “soon,”

But it is a reply to which they’re immune

So give it but five minutes more

And the same question will be in store


All Saints

Black, Blow, Burning, Candle, Creepy

The witching hour is over

The eve has gone away

Frivolity suspended – it is now All Saints’ Day

We honour now those noble ones who put holiness on display

Apostles and martyrs those that showed the way

Standing before the throne of God – those faithful adepts

They arrived via the narrow way – on which they made their steps

Let us too not linger – in Halloween spirit – dark

But walk the path of holiness – on that journey let us embark



Dishes, Dishwasher, Dirty, Kitchen

T ‘was the night after Christmas and all through the house,

Some moaned with full bellies, and others were soused.

Piles of wrapping paper were scattered here and there,

The sound of electronic gaming was more than I could bear.

As I gazed upon piled dishes and to my despair

None were going to help me, as if they weren’t there

Saint Nick and his helpers now back at the Pole

Really don’t see their aftermath or know its toll.

This good natured humbug is brought to you by Padre

Have a happy Christmas

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A Modern Xmas

Christmas Tree, Cozy, December

Will and Eva sat comfortably before the fireplace in their snuggery enjoying a hot mug of cocoa.  As Eva took a sip, she scanned the sea of packages adorned in red and gold wrapping paper, and her attention was drawn to the star atop the decorated evergreen

“Will – Honey, do you ever think about the star on the tree?”

“What about it?  Do you think we should have got a fairy instead?” he replied.

“No, and they’re not fairies, they are angels.  It’s all about the story about shepherds following a star, and bringing a lamb to baby Jesus.  Don’t you remember that from primary school?” 

“Something like that, but wasn’t it a bunch of kings?  I was a king in Year Four,” Will said reflectively. 

“Yeah, that’s the story,” Eva said. “And I was sure it was shepherds because I remember, Danny Bowman had a tie-died tea-towel as a hat.”  

“What were you?  Mary I suppose?”  Will queried.

“No, I was panda.  You know, one of the animals in the barn.  It was the onesie I had so mum didn’t have to buy a costume.”

“Anyway, that star and the shepherds. I bet they were cold out in that field when they were taking care of all those lambs.” 

“I guess so,” Will replied a bit puzzled.

“Well I was thinking it’s cold tonight too and though I doubt there are any shepherd out there, I bet there are some homeless people.  It was really cold last night too, and there was a lot of frost.  The thought of it even makes me shiver.  What if we take that extra pair of mittens that Aunt Martha sent you, and give them to one of the homeless people?” 

“Kind of like King Winzaluss, giving alms, huh?” Will asked.

“Yeah, then we will really have the meaning of Xmas,” Eva said.

“Okay, but let’s wait till the morning when it’s warmer,” Will suggested.

“Good idea,” Eva said smiling as she took another sip and cuddled into Will.


Wordle #220

  1. Mug
  2. Snuggery– a cozy room
  3. Fireplace
  4. Mittens
  5. Frost
  6. Star
  7. Alms
  8. Shiver
  9. Evergreen
  10. Red
  11. Cocoa
  12. Wrapping Paper


Witch Prohibition, Witches, Shield, Prohibited, Norway

Lily Reese from the Aviation Administration headed one of the agency’s hardest working departments. While many of her peers oversaw the air traffic of major carriers, or liaised with the military, her “Exceptional Traffic” Department had the unenviable task of monitoring flights during key holiday periods. If it wasn’t bad enough with standard air traffic increased with people “going home” for the holidays, it was the quick turn around of restricted space that caused her the most headaches. While broomstick traffic was at its height in late October, it was a year round phenomenon, and while the “Stick Slots” were largely outside of commercial traffic zones, they sometimes came dangerously close to private flights from small regional fields. If this was not bad enough, stick traffic had to be curtailed completely in the 10 pm, 24 December to 6 am, 25 December window to allow for a priority “Exceptional” which entered her area of responsibility via Lapland in that period. The usual notifications of late had been found wanting owing to the increased number of foreign brooms in the air. This led her to work her staff to the point of exhaustion posting the new language neutral notifications before the close of the noon, 23 December announcement window.



CCC #110

All the indicators were good. Minus .5 C or 31 degrees if you prefer old money. A good frost last night, and snow predicted for tonight. Yes, it seemed the conditions were all set for the first decent snowfall of the year, and Felix the Christmas Elf was ready for it. He would make the first plunge into a snow drift and win the third annual jungle bell trophy in a row. Only seven hours to go. But truth be told he was getting a little bored waiting in his dive posture, but one needs to be ready when there are jingle bells on the line.

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #110

Waiting Game

person in black jacket and red knit cap sitting on chair

S&B Vonlanthen at Unsplash


Will come

So I’ll sit and wait

I don’t care if it’s getting late

I’ll sit right here 

And not move away

Until I hear that roof top sleigh

If I get sleepy

And to tiredness succumb 

Just cover me with blankets

Until he comes