Flowering Hope

Prairie expanses – like our sorrow-times – dry and grey

But now kissed by the gentle beams of light

And the springtime of unaccustomed warmth

Come alive again in a transformation of bloom

Reaching upwards to the nurturing brightness

Vast fields of flowering hope

So too our blooms of joy

At the coming of discovered new light




Inspiration Call: Flower Symbolism




Danny had his mind set, he wasn’t going to settle for anything less than a pair of black, high top Chuck’s.  After all, we were taking about reputation here.  If Danny, I mean Dan, was going to be taken seriously, a pair of PF Flyers, even with the wedge, weren’t going to cut it.  And in no way was he going to be seen dead in another pair of those Zayre’s blue canvas things.  It was going to be All Star’s or nothing!

Well the big day came, and Dan made a bee-line for the Sears rather than the Zayre’s and his mom could barely keep up with him.  He went straight to the shoe department and grabbed a pair of the glorious Converses from the shelf, and then sat on the padded stool and stuck his foot in the measuring device.

Mom looked on dumbfounded as Dan asked the saleswoman, “Do you have these in 8 1/2 wides?”

As the woman went into the storeroom, his mother said, ” Danny Jackson, have you gone out of your mind?”

“No Ma’am, I just have my mind made up.””

“But honey did you see the price?  How about some PF Flyers instead?” she offered.

“I got straight A-s just like you and Dad said.  So I’ve kept my side of the bargain,” he said assuredly.

“I just don’t think we can afford it,” she said pleadingly.

“Then make it my birthday present as well,” he said.  “I have to have them, Mom.”

“Could you live with the low tops?” Mom asked gently, as the saleswoman returned.

“I suppose so,” Dan relented.

“I’m sorry, but could we get them in low tops?” Mom asked.

The woman again departed.

“Thank you,” Mom said.

“Okay, I guess,” Dan said.  “I can live with it.”

And live with it he did, even after his feet grew to 9 1/2.  It was a hard day for Dan when he finally had to give-in and chuck his well-worn Chuck’s.




Inspiration Call: Tell a Story About These Shoes



Adventures To Seek: A Tanka



Journeying onwards
New discoveries to make 
Along trails unknown
Amid hills and wide grasslands
Untold adventure to seek



Inspiration Call: Tanka  A Tanka is a Japanese poem and similar to a Haiku, however it has seven lines. Tankas are nature, seasons, love, and other emotions. Line one has a five syllable count, line two is seven syllables, line three is five syllables, line four is seven syllables, and line five seven syllables. In total it has thirty one syllables.

Don’t Be A Heel

These are the devices

With which we trod

Be they Jimmy Choo bound

Or shoddily shod


Two soles we enclose

Two heels we surround

Our ten lower digits

Eat up the ground


We owe so much

To our humble peds

But most of the glory

We show to our heads


So stand up for your feet

Show them you care

Remember, stand you couldn’t

If they weren’t there




Inspiration Call: Feet Remove your shoes. Write a poem that celebrates your feet.






Amy’s Food Vlog



“That will be an excellent promotional still for the Vlog advert,” Amy said.

“Yep, I think we look really good, and the setting is perfect.  I think people will flock to your YouTube site,” Rich observed.

“I think you’re right.  That fresh veg will just about sell itself.  It looks so nice.”

“Maybe next time you should wear a slightly darker dress though.  I think it will make the pasta standout more.”

“Do you think?  But I look really good in pastels,” Amy observed.

“You do Babe,  and I know your looks will win no matter what you are wearing. But I was thinking about the die hard foodies, they might want to focus more on the ingredients.

“Okay, I think I see your point.”

“I’m getting kind of hungry,” Rich said.  “Do you have anything for us to eat?”

“Well the spaghetti is cooked.  But I think it will take about an hour for us to make a decent sauce.”

“Yeah, I really can’t be bothered to actually finish it though,” Rich said.

“I cooked the pasta, and you cut the veg already, so it’s a head start.”

“Hmm.  How about KFC?”

“Sounds perfect,” Amy said.  “I don’t think I can be bothered either.”



Inspiration Call: Cooking



Cabin Fever


I remember it like it was yesterday.  Nathan and Carol arrived at their “forest retreat,” as they called me.  It was a bit of a surprise for me, as I usually saw Nathan for fishing weekends, and it was only in the summers that I usually saw them together.  But here they were, “riding out” something they called “the corona.”

I was amazed at how many boxes of canned goods they carried in.  It looked like they were going to be visiting me for quite some time.  And if you went by the amount of toilet roll the brought, it was probably for years!

Well they settled in and the surroundings were filled with the sounds of laughter, television, and the incessant rumbled of the little generator that kept my electricity flowing.

After three weeks the laughter was less prevalent, and after four it was seldom heard at all.  Carol began to complain about “corned beef, tomato soup, and baked beans again.”  Then it happened, the petrol ran out and the internet went down.

What happened next is too horrible to describe.  Sorry, but it’s too unpleasant a memory to continue.




Inspiration Call: Talking Walls What story would the walls in this building tell if they could speak?