Potter’s Wheel

Clay, Pottery, Hands, Potter, Potter'S Wheel, Dirty

People of God on a wheel made

Moulded and formed of the Maker’s clay

Crafted to perfection by the Master’s hand

Impurities and flaws purged away

Thus a kingdom shall be formed

Mere mud transformed and by grace adorned

Completed to fulfill the perfect plan

Crafted by One greater than any mortal man


Thank you Pastor Vince for a great message.


Jesus, Children Of God, God Is Pleased

A kingdom not made by hands

Not the creation of any man

A people of power united together

The Lord God at their centre

The spiritual descendants of Abraham

Younger siblings of the Lion-Lamb

Seeking first the Father’s way

Having recieved blessings they cannot repay

But it is a kingdom with a mission

Prepared to share with the world their great commission


Inspired by Pastor Vince’s first lesson of a series on the Kingdom of God.