Touching Base


We had hoped to meet up for lunch, but with work schedules and such not, that didn’t really work.  Dinner was equally problematic as we both had families.   After dinner we would have kids to tuck in, and then it wasn’t viable to go out afterwards.   So here we sat at seven in the morning on the rail platform touching base and slurping a Starbuck’s before going our separate ways.  So much for “best friends forever.”  What can I say? Life happens.



Able to cope with all that comes

Recovering quickly from what may beset

I’m not sure if snowflakes do

For where they were – is just something wet

Have we somewhere lost our way

When dealing with life’s day to day?



“From my youth, these things I did follow.”*

But this fell on His ears as something hollow

For while I had observed the letter

I still could have lived so much better

For my attachment was to things below

Not quick to share – on others bestow

And so I really must continue to learn

To live to the standards of place for which I yearn


Matthew 19:20

When Memory Fails

When memory fails

And the passing of time assails

Things are not as clear as they have been

When vague recollections

Become more blurred

And past experiences become so dim

Life goes on

And new memories are made

Not all from the past is rosey

Don’t be distressed when folks ask what you’ve done

Just tell them they are being too nosy


Here We Go Again

Monopoly, Games, Game, Corporation

Baltic Avenue looks familiar

I think I’ve been here before

Just passing through the prison

And the electric company’s door

This really gets exhausting

And I really need a rest

What I want is some free parking

Not some card from a community chest

They say life has some circles

Things that go around and round

But I think this is getting crazy

As I am once more Boardwalk bound

I guess I’ll collect my salary

As the big word Go appears

And we like a shoe or a Scotty

Land on the square where we can begin again


Today’s prompt: End with the line “where we can begin again”


“The greatest film you will ever see”

Was emblazoned on the cinema marquee

The greatest film, though, definitely

Is the one I live, directed by me

Your drama too, as it unfolds

Will be full of the surprises – the future holds

You are the lead of your story – the best ever known

Be sure to direct it in a way to make it your own!



Fantasy, Map, Drawing, Fantasy Map

In fantasy fiction adventures won’t come your way

If at home or the Shire you stay

The life is not like that – adventures come your way

By just living out – each and every day

Make the most of each moment – learn what you can

And you shall find amazing things at every hand