Amid sun-bleached rock and barren sand

Green arises and makes its stand

Waters deep beneath the ground

A place where life can be found

Our lives too may seem that way

In need of an oasis amidst our daily fray


Weekend Writing Prompt #220 – Oasis in 40 words

Cloudy Day

Pasque Flower, Flower, Rain, Plant

When pushed inside on a cloudy day

When gardening by rain is set aside

It is time for other things to do

It matters not as long as they’re done with you

To sort the laundry

Such things mundane

They are more pleasant with you

On days of rain

And then the sun does arrive again

Then we together shall emerge

And once again with rake and spade

Attend the bright beds of our labours


No Further

High angle of rocky cliff covered with green plants and moss located on shore of wavy ocean on dull day
Harry Cooke at Pexels

No further

The edge is within reach

Nothing lies beyond

Except the deep

How have you arrived here?

Your options to limit

Shall you go forward

Or shall you pause for a minute?

You can turn and retreat

Retracing your steps

Perhaps you can revisit some past regrets

Whatever the choice – the decision’s up to you

Whether onward to the edge

Or back to see past places anew



Grayscale Photo of Houses Near Road
Lisa Fotios at Pexels

A neighbourhood like many others

Dwellings, streets, and things

Each resident their own lives live

Behind curtains and window screens

Dramas unfold every day

Issues both great and small

Hidden from prying eyes

By the freshly painted walls

A neighbourhood like many others

But like every community unique

Just getting on with each day

Is all that the inhabitants seek



Ice, Ice Cream, Ice Cream Flavors, Colorful, Waffle

Charlotte had a dilemma of sorts. It was nearly time to go back to work, but as she had met up with Debz for her break, it hadn’t really been much of a rest since they chased about a bit checking out the stalls at the sea front. Now her ice cream was starting to melt, and run down the cone onto her hand. Should she throw it out and head to the office, or just eat the whole thing quickly – risking a brain-freeze? Well at over a pound a scoop a little freeze was a small price to pay.


“Our challenge is all about “opposing forces” and the use of antithesis in our writing. You will need to use the two opposing words in your response – which can be poetry or prose.”

Our words this week are:

– melt and freeze

– rest and work

In The Scheme Of Things

Paint Chip Poetry

No one’s really a blank canvas

In the grand plan and scheme of things

We tend to carry with us – 

All the stuff that life’s journey brings

Our childhoods – which like the Spring

Are merely a green flash

Then adolescent romance hits 

With tongue-tied attempts – that tend to crash

Then school is finished 

We seek out higher things

Opportunities fresh-squeezed

Life as yet to bear its sting

Some pass through the next few years

A tumbleweed without purpose

Your parents disapprovingly

Acting like you had runaway to join the circus

For some life brings rainstorms

Torrents of savage woe

Under the sea of troubles

Not sure of where to go

But our canvas is not blank

All those experiences to life you bring

Your easel adorned with a collage 

A big picture of the scheme of things


Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #38: Although, I suppose, you are limited by these odd paint chip words and phrases: fresh-squeezedtongue-tiedgreen flashrainstormblank canvastumbleweed, and under the sea. Because they are a weird conglomeration of words, I’m only going to ask you to use three. But bonus points if your plan is to use them all and you succeed.


Act, Woman, Female, Breasts, Erotic, Naked, Nudes


New and full of potential

Ill-defined of what it shall become

Infantile – the word’s true meaning

But full of so much promise – life just begun


Blooming – coming of age

Self-consciousness of the swell

Uneasy transformation

Puberty’s unlocked secret – now to tell


Ample – alluring

Lover’s attentions to titillate

Femininity manifest

Enhanced by lace uplifted – ultimate bait


Nourishing – life giving

New generation to sustain

Painful at times, and leaking

But she’d do it all again


Comforting – familiar

Soul-mate’s harbour secure

To snuggle into safely

Helping life’s pressures to endure


Declining- drawn by gravity

Or by cruel illness – cut away

But the heart beneath still beating

She – as loving, as nurturing in every way