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In fantasy fiction adventures won’t come your way

If at home or the Shire you stay

The life is not like that – adventures come your way

By just living out – each and every day

Make the most of each moment – learn what you can

And you shall find amazing things at every hand



Traffic Sign, Road Sign, Shield, Traffic, Road

Its a matter of swings and roundabouts

It doesn’t matter how you get there

As long as you arrive there in the end

Nobody really cares

Life has its detours and deviations

Roadblocks and “Go to jail” squares

But when you cross the finish line

You’ll find your reward waiting there


FOWC – Roundabout


grayscale photo of trees and road

Hello I’m Nik at Unsplash

The road may not be of yellow bricks

To an emerald city it may not lead

But it is one that nonetheless

New friends and companions does breed

Lions and tigers we may not face

But instead unrest and disease

And we with common purpose will have strode

The future’s winding road

This might not be Kansas anymore

Or London for that matter

But as long as we hold onto our resolve

All our obstacles we will shatter


Path To Dreams

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Oh, Disused pathway
Of a forgotten era
Once the road to dreams
Now you by weeds overgrown
Will my highways face the same?



Colleen’s syllabic challenge is a photo prompt this week. I have used the Tanka syllable form, though I am not sure if I have “pivoted” as clearly as might have liked.  I hope the metaphors have impact though.


Act, Woman, Female, Breasts, Erotic, Naked, Nudes


New and full of potential

Ill-defined of what it shall become

Infantile – the word’s true meaning

But full of so much promise – life just begun


Blooming – coming of age

Self-consciousness of the swell

Uneasy transformation

Puberty’s unlocked secret – now to tell


Ample – alluring

Lover’s attentions to titillate

Femininity manifest

Enhanced by lace uplifted – ultimate bait


Nourishing – life giving

New generation to sustain

Painful at times, and leaking

But she’d do it all again


Comforting – familiar

Soul-mate’s harbour secure

To snuggle into safely

Helping life’s pressures to endure


Declining- drawn by gravity

Or by cruel illness – cut away

But the heart beneath still beating

She – as loving, as nurturing in every way



Life’s Journey

imageedit_2_4664310295 (1)

Each traveller starts their path alone

Though they find companions along the way

Some accompany them for but a brief while

While others make long their stay


We each seek a road – our desires to fill

Whether they be base or lofty

To have co-travellers with the self-same goals

Makes the journey go by more softly


I have travelled with such friends so true

And without them I would have struggled

Some have gone on now – going ahead

Their path never again to be troubled


Not only these kindred spirits – do we have-

To encourage, build us, and share

For when these companions onward go

There’s One that will still be there


For those who seek destinations on high

Though the world oft makes hard our way

We have One of manger born – a guide

That will never lead us astray




Life can be taxing.  Struggles and trials may seem ever present.  Having ones of like spirit and purpose with you eases this burden.  My wife has been one of those persons, not only for me but for most people she has met.  She had a gentle spirit, and spent time in prayer for the needs of others.  She encouraged and built me up so I could in turn lift up others.  She like some other inspirational figures in my life has “gone on ahead.”  But one point she was unfailing in believing, is that we are never abandoned by God.  Those seeking Him are cradled in His presence and accompanied to His throne.  “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you (Deut. 31:6).”