The council had been convened in Rivendell. The incursions into Middle Earth started as a trickle, but now it was becoming of torrent. Beardless Dwarves, and unknown characters had begun to overrun even the peaceful Shire.

Elrond brought the meeting to order and explained the graveness of the situation. “We must send a fellowship out to explore how this has come about.”

“Yes, yes,” interrupted Gimli. “We must find where all this shite has come from!”

It was agreed the Gandalf would lead the party of enquirers into a darkness even greater that Mordor to seek the truth.

Months later and much battered by their trials, the fellowship returned and presented their findings. It was entitled: On the Origin of the Faeces or The Realm of the Dark Lord Bezos.



Raven, Common Raven, Bird, Animal World

Colleen’s challenge this week is to take a favourite form and tweak it into something new. I have long loved Edgar Allan Poe’s use of Trochaic octameter with its eight trochaic metrical feet.  In my piece I have replaced the trochaic feet with simple syllables. I have kept some “DUM da DUM da DUM da” stresses, but have let the beat be driven by the words and the eight syllable form. I have also made this an eight line form.

when at times we do not trouble
we complacent tend to stumble
into apathetic bubbles
the world around us we ignore
unaware of what lies in store
till too late like midnight raven
the world we face – leaving haven
to find the old world – “nevermore”



Red and Orange Apple Fruit

Wendy went to her dorm room to find her roommate listening to classical music.

“Hey. Is that the Lone Ranger song you are listening to?” she asked.

“First of all it’s instrumental so it’s not a song. And it’s called the William Tell Overture for your information,” Cynthia replied.

“Wow, what’s got your knickers in such a twist? It’s not like I was trying to shoot an apple off your head or something.”


FOWC with Fandango — Tell

Midnight Read

Reading, Woman, Book, Women, Window, Read

Once upon a midnight dreary,

I read some Poe till my eyes grew bleary

While I like the rhyme and its style archaic

But to call it horror was a mis-taik

Now Stephen King can shiver my spine

A reading him alone – is best in daytime

So to choose between Edgar Allan and the King of Horror

Well sorry Poe, “Nevermore!”



CCC #91

“Begone from me, Spirit!” Scrooge implored.

Yet, the apparition remained unmoved before him.

“Tell me, Spirit,” he trembled, “are the things I have read tonight already published, or might some editorial hand yet intervene?”

It was then that the Ghost of Crispina Future lifted a low carb snack to her lips, and Scrooge knew his literary fate was sealed.




CCC 91


Cyrano de Bergerac, a lover behind his words | Euro Cinema ...

image: Eurochannel

Cyrano had panache –

Pizzazz, repartee, and flair

A swordsman skilled beyond compare

A skill matched by a piercing wit – rare


Cyrano had a nose – immense

If Rostand is to be believed

And below a balcony one night

He and Christian – Roxanne deceived




FOWC with Fandango — Pizzazz



No Adventures Thus Required


closed red wooden door

Photo by Aachal on Unsplash

Sensible folk – stay at home

For dangers lay in the world abroad

Adventuring types oft – to their own homes bring

Unwanted visitors and maladies odd

We biggers should these truths have learned

From the wise halflings of the Shire

Maybe if we had so done

None of the current measures

Would we now require