A Chance Meeting


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A chance meeting while seeking help

No thought of what it might become

Discussing with strangers the issues of life

And then we became as one


How odd, our meeting was while far away

In a help room for sharing advice

And then we would click, bond, and grow

And you agreed to become my wife


So simple a meeting,  no thought of a link

Lone parenting our only aim

But it all came together faster than you’d think

Our destinies proved the same




My wife and I “met” in a chatroom for single parents.  This was no “online dating site.” It was a Christian site with the purpose of discussing being single parents and coming up with advice and strategies for dealing with the responsibility of that role.  We seemed to have much in common as far as approach, and that in turn showed other things we shared.   Our online contact moved on from that and about 3 months later we met for the first time face to face.  God works in wonderful ways, and through such an unexpected medium, I found the perfect partner and wife.


Complicated Contradictions


“Sorry I’m late,” Susan said.

“Love is never having to say you are sorry.  Well that’s what they say,” Joe said.

“But what does that really mean?” Susan asked.

“I guess it is about unconditional love.  If someone does something, even a terrible thing, those who love them will love them despite it.   It’s like they are forgiven before they ask, so it’s not necessary,” Joe explained.

“But just because someone is willing the bear hurt silently, and let it pass, doesn’t mean that the other person, if they are truly loving them back, doesn’t want to mend their feelings.”

“It’s like in the Bible,” Joe said. “The Prodigal Son.  He rips off his dad, then wastes everything, then he goes back to say he was unworthy to be a son.  But before he even gets a chance to give his prepared speech, his dad has come and hugged him and put clean robes and an a ring on him.  His dad loved him so much that he didn’t need to hear the apology.”

“Okay,” Susan retorted, “But he still went there with the expressed purpose to say he had failed.  So maybe you’re right, ‘Love means you don’t need to say sorry,’ but that’s not the same to say a person who loves should never feel sorry, or acknowledge regret.  Otherwise they will never grow.  Or worse still they might cause the hurt all over again.”

“You know,” Joe said.  “I think you are right, its about attitude not words.  I’m sorry I disagreed with you.”


Tale Weaver – #241 – Sorry

Her Request


In writing today I honour her,

It is the thing she said was to be done,

I am to continue to pen the thoughts of my heart

Even though she is gone


She worried so on what I would do –

Would I simply drift away?

Neglecting myself,  pushing all aside –

She told me to keep writing anyway


So though my heart is broken,

My mind only numb,

I have penned this first postmortem poem

It is the thing she said was to be done


Maybe I will be stronger now,

In my effort her wish to fulfill

I have focused on a purpose

In so doing she’s with me still




Thank you Dianne for loving me so much that you planned for everything.  I love you too.







Where Have I Been?

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It is with a broken heart that I need to announce that my wonderful wife Dianne went to join her Lord at 12:54 this afternoon. She went to her Saviour without fear, and in fact (and I am not just trying to create a candied view of her) she never once showed any sign of kicking and screaming or of bemoaning the unfairness of it. She believed firmly in God’s power to heal her, even to the last minute, but prayed that “Not her will but His be done.  Whatever served the kingdom better so be it.”  She loves God (purposeful present tense) and she loves me. She built me up, and made me a better man, and challenged me to be a better Christian. I learned from her, and was uplifted by her.  I will miss her, and yet I will live my life even more for Jesus so that I can be confident in joining Him AND HER when my walk is done. Those of you who knew and love her, I am sorry for your pain, but it is all the more weighty on me. I have been as a blessed husband, and now have lost my best friend.

Her final passing was swift.  The cancer had recurred a year and a half ago, but her general health was good until last Monday.  She became weak and then fell into a coma Thursday.   It was merciful in its swiftness.

Thank you for those who commented on having missed me on my blog.


Never Truly Apart

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Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay 

Never Truly Apart

As I watch you dying, I hold fast to

The life we still now share together

As a loving husband and wife.

You are so much frailer now

Than on the day we wed,

Yet you are just as

Sweet and lovely.

We hold hands




The sentiments were already running through my head, and the prompt from  Colleen M. Chesebro helped give me a structure.  I have therefore put the thoughts into a reverse etheree form.


Mirror – Mirror



image: Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash

“I can’t believe it.  She has actually posted a quote from some poet on her Facebook: ‘You will love again the stranger who was your self.’” She needs to love herself – what a laugh!  All she ever loves is herself, and she even goes so far as to blame me for the breakup.   It was me who took her to all my favorite places.  I made sure that whenever went out with my mates I made sure she came along.  And all those things, I bought her.  Did she appreciate what they cost me?   And the clothes I got her made her look so hot, all the guys were jealous of me when we were out. How can that cow dare imply that it was about me?  She’s the one that’s full of herself, ‘love again . . . yourself,’  she’s never stopped.  It’s just unbelievable!”

(144 words)


Prosery #3: Love After Love




On Yarmouth Beach

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Breezy day by the beachside

Children near us play

But we sit in quietness

No words we need to say


Our souls are bound in purpose

Our love still grows day by day

Such simple silent moments

Made my life seem perfect today



A simple outing with my wife, fish dinner and a seafront ice cream.  Sun, sand, and sea.  Quiet togetherness.  What more is needed?


Eternal Love


Endless Compassion

In cosmic purpose entwined

An eternal love



Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, July 17th 2019, Eternal Love

Challenge:  To write a Haiku and to use the theme “eternal love”.

Chèvrefeuille writes: “I think you all will have an idea what eternal love means, but it isn’t only eternal love as in relationships, but also about eternal love on a religious base, or eternal love for a specific painter or author, or something else for which you can have the feeling of eternal love.”

The above is my take on the challenge



Coffee Cake

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While I considered making a fictional take on this prompt, fact is in this case better than fiction.  The theme of cooking is a wonderful prompt, and in this case is a story of love offered and love returned.

When my little sister was of pre-school age, she got it into her head that she was going to “bake” for my father.  She was determined to make coffee cake without any assistance.  She secretly gathered the ingredients and found a quiet time to make her culinary masterpiece.  The Great British Bake-off had nothing on her.

When she had finished she bought the plate to my dad.  The coffee cake was two slices of white bread with the crusts removed sprinkled with sugar and a generous portion of  dry instant coffee granules.  This was all mashed together into a roughly  cake shaped mass.

She beamed with pride at her achievement.  It was a gift of love and it was accepted as such.

This love was returned in kind when he ate the whole thing.  All  was smiles and compliments.  Love indeed!

Her chicken noodle cookies are a story for another day.




Tale Weaver #228 – Cooking