Magic They Display

Girl, Woman, Fairy, Elf, Wings, 3D


Among the heliotrope and pansies

Sprites and Pixies dance – when we’re away

Our green-fingered efforts

In which we take such pride

They smile broadly at –

Then true magic they display

They giggle at our arrogance

Our endeavours they deride

They think it such jolly sport

To conjure blossom when we’re inside

The Fairies chase, and sing, and play

Cover taking when e’re we appear

Amid the sweet scents of rich perfume

Wishing for our exit – swift

Their merry games to resume












Tube of Magic

Alchemy, Kaleidoscope, Pattern, Ornament


Cardboard tube – brightly painted

But the true magic was inside

Peeping through the little window

Shape shifting moving colours

Seemed to be alive




One of my most fascinating preschool toys was a kaleidoscope.  That little tube gave me hours of enjoyment, and really did seem like magic in my four or five year old mind.


Weekend Writing Prompt #160 – Kaleidoscope in 23 words



A Drink at the Well


Image result for woman at well

She wasn’t beautiful, more attractive in an unconventional way.  Her eyes were brown, as was her hair, and in build and stature she was – well – average.  So why couldn’t Talyan get her off of his mind?

He had met the young woman while he and his fellow cavalrymen were riding through – well again – an average little village.  Talyan reined in his mount near the well and called to the young woman to draw a bucket of water for his horse.  She curtsied, which he found odd, but then drew the water and filled the trough.  She then filled a tin cup she had hanging from her girdle and smiling offered it to the warrior.  He thanked her and drank deeply.

Ever since then he could not get her image out of his mind.  He was bewitched.




He was a handsome warrior, about twenty-five years of age.  He had glistening sky blue eyes, and thick blonde curls fell from beneath his helm.  He was broad shouldered, and powerfully built.

Alana had been talking to some of the other village girls near the well when a troop a horse soldiers rode into the village.   Many of the detachment hitched their mounts outside the tavern, but this young hero – and hero he was – stopped at the well and asked Alana to water his horse.

Alana took in his beautiful features and decided that he would be hers.  She gave a small curtsy and smile, as Grandmother had said to do to set the stage for the spell, and then watered the horse.  The secret was to put a drop of the potion into a cup while he was distracted.  She purposely allowed some of the horse’s water to slosh over the trough edge and splash to the ground, momentarily drawing the rider’s attention to the spill.  She then dropped the potion into her cup, and filled it with water for the young man.

Noticing that she was offering him a drink, he thanked her and drank the entire cup before wiping his mouth on a silk cloth which had been tucked into his sleeve.  He then dismounted and sat at the well side watching her as she chatted with her friends.

Soon his captain called the troop to re-form and they rode off to the East.

He will be back, she thought smiling to herself.  Grandmother’s bewitching elixirs never failed.




A Spark of Creativity #1: Bewitching



The Power to Control Worlds

Alchemy, Wizards, Magic, Witchcraft


The aged master sat before his three most adept pupils.

“It is time for me to pass on to you the most powerful of all skills,” he croaked.

The trio sat with their faces fixed upon the sage.  Their eyes were filled with both wonder and apprehension.

He held up a slender wooden rod, and nodding towards it said, “With this you will be able to weave magic, control people’s destinies, and even create worlds.”

The three adepts now stared wide-eyed at the short implement.  Who would have thought that such an innocuous looking cylinder would harness such power?

“Now,” the master said, “let us begin.  Pick up your wands and hold them like this.”

The three kindergartners reached down and took up their pencils just like Mr. Baker had shown them.

“We will start with ‘A’,” he said.


Of Staff and Wand

People, Man, Adult, Naked, Athlete, Sculpture, Art

Image by Russell Clark from Pixabay 

The veteran stood blocking the labyrinth’s exit.  He was a skilled killer, and had absolute confidence in his superiority over the approaching black-clad youth.

“So Boy,” he sneered, “looks like you’re out of options.”

“I have a magic staff,” Karrel warned.

“Bring it on Boy,” the warrior scoffed, glancing down at his tattoo which made him impervious to magic.

Karrel dropped the staff, and lunged forward with unbelievable agility and speed.  He then with a lightening stroke drew a wand from his sleeve and ran it home through the astonished man’s throat.

The ninja returned the wand to his sleeve.




Flash Fiction Challenge #5: Magic


Museum of Witchcraft, Boscastle



As a Christian, I am a bit dubious of things occult.  As a teacher of religion, however, I had an academic interest in visiting the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, Cornwall. This museum is dedicated to witchcraft, magic, and the occult more generally.

The museum is really interesting and has several very good displays. It covers a wide range of witchcraft and pagan topics and while initially giving the impression of “clutter” the displays soon show themselves rich and informative.

boscastle-cunning-womanA (1)

Cunning Woman

A large portion of the collection is upstairs, but visitors with mobility issues can still see a number of informative displays downstairs (and view the downstairs for free as well). Displays include information of traditional nature craft, ancient pagan groups, voodoo, and more.


Grotto and Green Man

While much of the displays and themes are serious, there are some tongue in cheek aspects as well.  Notably there is a broom parking area outside the museum.  That said there is a wealth of information available for those interested in the history of magical belief.


boscastle-pagan-ringa (1)

Pagan Circle

The staff are helpful and there is also a small gift shop area. All in all, it is a worthwhile place to see if in the area.