The Good Wife

Diamond, Diamonds, Gem, Gemstone, Ruby


More precious than rubies the Proverb does say

This is a maxim – I cannot gainsay

Each morning my life examined – now that she’s gone

Accenting little things – for which I now long

I put on the jumper – I said I didn’t need

But in her wisdom – my objection – she didn’t heed

Now that the weather has taken a chilly turn

I’m sure she would smile that to that sweater I did turn

I got a little tickle in my throat as it became sore

And the right medicine was waiting as I opened the drawer

My well-being was ever her diligent concern

These little touches,  I now – for myself must learn

More precious than rubies

More valuable than gold

A loving wife’s value

Is beyond what can be told



Proverbs 31


Heart, Wedding, Marriage, Hands, Romantic, Marry


To have and to hold

To otherwise keep

It is a promise

Of commitment deep


A promise eternal

Forever and a day

Forsaking all others

Never to stray


Simple words full of meaning

Full of hope – bright

On each other leaning

Come whatever might



d’Verse Quadrille #91 – Keep

“This week I’d like you to take any meaning, form or compound of the word keep, and write a poem of exactly 44 words (not counting your title), including the prompt word.”







Truth Hurts

two man and woman holding cups on tables

Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

John sat quietly at the table trying to work up his nerve.  Arlene knew something was up, but gave him the time he needed.

Abruptly he said, “Arly, I have something to tell you,” tears welling in his eyes.

She sat stoically waiting for what she knew was going to be bad news.  My God, please not an affair, she thought bracing herself.

“They are cutting shifts at the plant,” he said.  “And I agreed to take a third cut in hours and pay in order to keep the job,” he sniffed.

Before she could say anything, he continued.  “I am so sorry, Arly.  I know you were looking forward to the holiday, but truth is I have had to cancel it.  It’s going to be so hard to even keep up with the mortgage.  Truth is that this is killing me, I can’t stand letting you down.  I can try to find an extra job and make it up to you.”

Arlene reached out and grasped his hand. “Sweetie, you haven’t let me down.  I love you and that’s a truth that should never hurt.”


Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: The Truth That Never Hurts




First Date

Image result for cardiff train station

Cardiff Station – walesonline


Full of apprehension

Butterflies in the tum

Full of hope and expectation

Of what might now come


Our meeting very public

Clear for all to see

For the sake of each our children

We met so publicly


On a platform in Cardiff

We we sat to chat and stare

Into each others eyes

As if all others were not there


And so on our first meeting

Online chats now eclipsed

My train soon departing

I first felt the wonder of your lips




As I have posted already, Dianne and I met online in a parenting chat room.  The relationship blossomed, and we felt there was truly chemistry in the making.  We therefore arranged our first face to face meeting.   As her children were still reeling from her divorce, it seemed best that we meet on neutral ground on which they wouldn’t be threatened by my presence.  We decided that I would take the train to Cardiff and we would meet at the train station and chat, and maybe wander into town for a drink.   In the end we spent hours just sitting there chatting, holding hands and coming to know each other better.  Maybe not the making of a classic RomCom, but it was the beginnings of a fulfilled life together.




A Tearful Celebration

imageedit_1_9047405622 (2)

Wedding Day


Today is our anniversary –

Though we had too few years.

You were taken away just days early

So now I celebrate in tears


But it’s still a celebration

For you are forever my loving wife

The vows I made to you on this day

Are binding throughout my life


So today I will celebrate you

I will hold your memory with all my might

I will make it a celebration

Second only to when we reunite




I love you Dianne


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Never Truly Apart

Nails, Hands Together, Holding Hands, Mother Daughter

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay 

Never Truly Apart

As I watch you dying, I hold fast to

The life we still now share together

As a loving husband and wife.

You are so much frailer now

Than on the day we wed,

Yet you are just as

Sweet and lovely.

We hold hands




The sentiments were already running through my head, and the prompt from  Colleen M. Chesebro helped give me a structure.  I have therefore put the thoughts into a reverse etheree form.


On Yarmouth Beach

imageedit__4013375308 (1)


Breezy day by the beachside

Children near us play

But we sit in quietness

No words we need to say


Our souls are bound in purpose

Our love still grows day by day

Such simple silent moments

Made my life seem perfect today



A simple outing with my wife, fish dinner and a seafront ice cream.  Sun, sand, and sea.  Quiet togetherness.  What more is needed?


As Twilight Comes

imageedit_1_9047405622 (2)

As Twilight Comes


I have loved you since I met you,

You found be broken – lonely,

You’ve pieced me back together,

I became your “one and only.”


Now our time together,

Gets shorter every day,

If only just by holding you,

I could make you stay.


Each day I see you weaker,

I just want to make you strong,

Our twilight is getting closer,

I wish it was twice as long.


I will always love you,

In this there is no doubt,

I so fear what my life will be,

In a world with you without.


I love you.



Written for my wife, as we face terminal cancer together.




There is a poetry prompt asking for one’s take on Utopia. With no intention of cheesiness, but with sincerity of heart, I need to affirm that to me Utopia is not a place, but a presence. It is in my wife’s company that my Utopia is found.


Utopia – realm of bliss; of perfect peace.

A Shangri-La found not in valleys green,

beyond some distant peak. 

It’s in those fleeting moments – when your hand meets with mine –

your kiss upon my cheek.




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