The Wolf Wind

“The wind was a howling wolf.”  Normally I would say that such a phrase was hyperbole at best.  Yes, the wind often takes on that eerie wailing sound as it forces its way through the branches and rooftops, but “a wolf”?  No, a sound carries no real threat.  Much less the possibility of it being a predator set upon devouring the unwary.

Until tonight, however.  The shutters have broken free and are slamming open and closed with each gust.  Roof tiles have taken flight from the old barn, and the livestock are shrieking in terror.  This is no ordinary wind.  It is a hunter.  It is seeking to devour and destroy.  By all that is holy, protect us from this wolf-wind.




Mad About Metaphor: The wind was a howling wolf.



Fairground of Life


The term, “The Roller Coaster of life,” has often been used to describe the ups and downs, sudden twists, and ever changing nature of life.  While it has some application to life as a whole, it fails to meet the reality of day to day existence.

For many of us life is a carousel of repetition.  We wake, groom, eat, commute, work, socialise, relax, eat, sleep, and start again.  Oh, there are those sudden milestones, of new love, marriage, birth, illness, and bereavement, but we return to the pattern.

And while this is true of us individually, as a society we too move from generation to generation.  Nations rise, and nations fall.   But we continue like the ever turning carousel.

For some this day to day is not a carousel, but a ferris wheel.  There is still the repetition of life, but it is marked by more regular highs and lows – the daily grind and the holidays,  loneliness and companionship.

I have known all three of these rides, and occasionally as with heart attack and cancer life has seemed like the bumper cars as well.  Travelling along blissfully just to be hit broadside.  When my stepdaughter was hit by a car while at a bus stop,  when my wife was diagnosed with cancer on the one month anniversary of our wedding – these unexpected bangs shake us.

But for all of its rides, life still has attraction(s).  Life is never simple.  Life is a fairground.  Let’s enjoy it.



Tale Weaver – #235 – 8th August – Roller Coaster

Winni’s Visit

Image result for messy teenage rooms


There was definitely an elephant in the room, and rather than risking Winni flying off the handle, as she so often did, it seemed sensible to give the matter of her now three month long “weekend” visit a wide berth.

When she first arrived at her sister’s door, a hastily gathered shopping bag of belongings at her feet, it was easy for Susan to bury the hatchet of their teenaged squabbles and to comfort her grieving sibling.   Susan had never thought much of Winni’s boyfriend Roger.  He was a waste of space:  he was a bit of a peacock – always strutting his stuff, and he was penny pinching as well.  Surely he was at fault.

But three months on, the curtain was being drawn open.  It was Winni that seemed to be perpetually going off half cocked.  And the lounge which she had transformed into her “bedroom” was a bomb site.

Susan thought about for a few moments and then decided that a few more days wouldn’t break the bank.  She shrugged and left the room.  After all why rock the boat?



Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor, 20 July 2019: Give a wide berth.

Cotton Candy Words

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image: Wikipedia

The metaphor challenge of “Cotton Candy Words” is a really interesting one.  My understanding of American usage is that they are words that are “soft and sweet.”  The British equivalent in the confectionery department is “Candy Floss,” and just as the name for the same product differs so does the related metaphor.  “Candy Floss Words” are those that are “lacking in worth or substance.”

Cotton Candy Words


Sweet nothings whispered in her ear –

These made her spirit soar –

His cotton candy words – led her heart to race –

She blushed and desired him more.


Compliments made and promises spoken –

All made her feel so special –

Until his candy floss words –

Left her hurt and broken.




Mad About Metaphor, 2 March 2019



Without Horizon

tree mountain snow cloud sky fog mist hill wave weather meteorological phenomenon atmospheric phenomenon atmosphere of earth geological phenomenon


Without Horizon

Raised in hills and valleys,

Land of waterfalls and sheep,

Of cloud and rain, and narrow views,

The sky pinched by mountains steep.


Reared in a place of woodlands,

Of trees and foliage thick,

By forests on every hand – closing in,

The sky dappled by leaves and sticks.


Raised in climes of ice and snow,

Where, as one, land and sky do blend,

A white-washed place of blowing drifts,

A vast whiteness without end.

(74 words)



This piece is offered as a metaphor for how our views are narrowed by our upbringings, and how our world can be so well enhanced by seeing the world (both literally and through the eyes of others).

Sammi Cox’s Challenge