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Judge Samson by his lusts was led
Took a Philistine to his bed
Her intent – his power to shed
Hair of his head, Hair of his head

They cut the thick locks from his head
Power gone – he was weak instead
But the temple where he was led
Collapsed on heads, Collapsed on heads


Through The Seasons: A Monotetra

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image: Pixabay

This weeks Saturday Mix challenge was to write a poem in the monotetra form.  I have constructed the poem, “Through the Seasons,” in that form.

As the seasons pass each in turn
Their changing patterns we discern
Icy winds cease with spring’s return
Winter to spurn – winter to spurn

Spring-tide too will next pass away
The sun grows brighter day on day
Children in warmth do daily pray
Please summer stay – please summer stay

Autumn though will soon rear its head
Instead of playtime – school instead
Over falling leaves they will tread
Yellows and reds – yellows and reds

At last winter will bring its snow
Limiting places we can go
But cozy we rest – fires aglow
Sipping Cocoa, sipping cocoa

And thus the year has run its course
The sun returning to its source
Cycle complete -its ways enforced
Pleasant and coarse, pleasant and coarse


Monotetra form:
“The monotetra is a new poetic form developed by Michael Walker. Each stanza contains four lines in monorhyme. Each line is in tetrameter (four metrical feet) for a total of eight syllables. What makes the monotetra so powerful as a poetic form, is that the last line contains two metrical feet, repeated. It can have as few as one or two stanzas, or as many as desired.”

Stanza Structure:

Line 1: 8 syllables; A1
Line 2: 8 syllables; A2
Line 3: 8 syllables; A3
Line 4: 4 syllables, repeated; A4, A4