The Vault

Blanket, Church Ceiling, Baroque, Old, Structure

The vault chamber was as one might imagine.  It had granite walls, a high arched-ceiling, and an oaken door a full two inches thick.  Cuthbert could think of no place he would feel more secure for the night in this entire creepy castle.  He bolted the door and settled in, unaware of the glowing eyes above.


Weekend Writing Prompt #180 – Vault in 56 words



Gothic 11

In Bed, Night, Sex, Love, Erotic, Woman, Girl, Nude
Victoria Borodinova at Pixabay

What was that, that woke me?

A chill breeze or just a dream?

As in the dark I slept alone

Is it as it seems?

Is there another presence here

Cold fingers on my skin?

Should I go and latch the door

Or will that merely lock it in?