Nature, Tree, Dawn, Landscape, Panorama

From black to grey and grey to red

Streaks of orange and purple form overhead

The eastern sky comes awake

As I begin my journey at daybreak

As the world’s slumber comes to an end

To our daily labours we must now attend

Time to rise, to stretch and yawn

And welcome yet another dawn


Dawn Chorus

black and silver coffee maker on brown wooden table
Nathan Dumlao at Unsplash

At a new day’s dawning

Familiar sounds I hear

Not the chirping call of birdies

But beans grinding – treats my ear

No tweets, or caws, or cooing

But the hiss of pressured steam

And the trickle of brewing coffee

Makes my day’s prospects beam


Morning Mist

green trees under white sky during daytime
Jennifer Burk at Unsplash

Mist among the mountain trees

Morning stillness at start of day

Promise of fresh things to come

As sweet nature has her way

Man’s hand here yet to corrupt

No folly as yet to dismay

So let this moment last here in time

Let it always be that way