An Outpouring of Grief


The massacre in Las Vegas has once again brought society to a point of despair. The tangible grief of my fellow bloggers (and I am sure people everywhere) is plain.  Three bloggers I admire have made very different secondary discussions on the fact that a 64 year old man, on his own, could and did destroy so many lives.

What we do have in common is our primary pain.  Yes, it pales in the face of the families and friends directly involved, but our common humanity calls on us to mourn and to pray.

The first blog I read on the Las Vegas atrocity was posted by Irish, a woman I greatly respect and who has overcome so much in her life.  She offered her frustrations that the evils of this world seem to amass and amass. Irish’s blog was a plea that all of us must feel at times like this.  I wrote to her to say her grief and frustration is what shows we still have hope as a people.

I next read the reflections of another young woman who I admire for her faith and the journey of healing she has made.  She was overwhelmed by the political callousness of many in the wake of the atrocity.  Political one-up-man-ship, and pro or con gun control agendas where there should have been prayer and condolence. BeautyBeyondBone’s blog was moving in its call for prayer and its focus of the motives of ill and destructive people over those of “guns.” She was clear however on the priority of the human and spiritual arguments rather than the political. I have long admired the heart of this young woman.

Chaplain Ian did draw the question of weapons into focus, but not without a Christian heart and one that called us to remember all who have suffered from gun crime, including the latest perpetrator’s own family.  His Christianity and pastoral heart were made plain.

It is this spirit of love and humanity that I find in all three that move me.  Here are three people of very different backgrounds, but all want a better world.  One in which love rather than hatred prevail.

Let us pray for Las Vegas, but also for a hurting world.  Let us love and show love.  Let us find the common ground with all, even those with whom we disagree.  Let us strive to make that difference on relationship or opinion at a time.